– North ramp has been backfilled and compacted. Awaiting railings.
– Placed 6 spare patio blocks on the north ramp landing.
– Dome has been pressure washed, taped, sealed, and painted.
– Dome shutters have been painted.
– New flooring was installed in the dome room, stairwell, dome hallway, and control room.
– Replaced the furnace filter.
– Reattached the edging laminate to several classroom tables.
– Weatherstripped the north classroom door.
– Cleaned and restocked the bathroom.
– Repaired one section of the west soffit.
– Scraped and painted the south gable end and soffit.
– Reinstalled missing flashing on the large dome shutter.
– Removed excess material from the classroom to the basement.
– Swept and washed the classroom and hallway floors.
Many, many volunteers!

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