Monthly Archives: August 2012


Addressed the problem of the 24″ scope tracking when power is initially applied.
Solution: disabled Autotracking in the Servo Config Utility and SiTech Ascom driver.
ServoConfig1.3/Edit Parameters/Autotracking/Equatorial Parameters/Use Equatorial Mode (unclicked)
File saved as ServoConfig1.3/Misc and Action/Save This Configuration to File/
V0.90K/Config/Change Config!/Parms/Track on Start (unclicked)
File saved as V0.90K/Config/Change Config/Misc/Save Backup Config File/20120822.cfg



Determined that the lower slot door binding was due to the east pulley bracket that had rotated under load and was interfering with the door. Also the lower door sill was binding on the dome. Inserted washers as shims between the pulley bracket and dome to eliminate rotary motion, and ground away the portion of lower door sill that was binding. The door is now easier to push outward by hand when opening and closing the lower slot door.

Jim Van D and Glen


The lower shutter door west cable had come off the pulley, tangled, and got crossed somehow with the east cable. Removed the west cable from the shutter door, untangled the cable, then re attached and retensioned it.



Installed a flat screen TV and associated wiring for Mallincam image viewing in the classroom. The image quality will surpass that of the projector. Documentation update to follow.

Glen and Mike