Monthly Archives: July 2012


Adjusted all finderscopes. Confirmed proper operation of the 8″ Celestron telescope and Mallincam, and located a few deep sky objects. Adjusted the Mallincam camera settings accordingly. Although the 8″ Celestron collimation and focus appear to be OK, the stars are not as pinpoint as those previously viewed with the 6″ refractor. Determined that a new failure to properly slew to the correct position in the sky was due to an error with the local time settings in TheSky6 planetary program. Deleted the TPoint model and began creating a new one until clouds stopped us. There are 3 or 4 stars entered into the TPoint model presently, and slewing is accurate. It was interesting to note that even though there was 100% cloud cover with no stars visible to the naked eye, a 56 second Mallincam exposure captured M13. Amazing!

Glen and Mike


Installed a 12″ x 12″ clear Lexan sheet, offset with 2 thicknesses of washers, on the inside of the west door. This will allow instructions, notices, etc to be easily placed and removed without the need to tape them to the door and risk pulling off the paint when removing them.



Fabricated a 2″ reticle using a filter ring and human hair. Will mount it in a seldom used 2″ eyepiece, probably the 42mm that’s fallen on the floor a few times. That will give 171x magnification.



All Points Fire Protection was out to do our yearly inspection and took the CO2 extinguisher from the dome for hydrostatic testing but left us a loaner until ours comes back, hopefully next week.