Monthly Archives: June 2011


Began design and fabrication of declination gear enclosure. Work on this particular project is ongoing. This enclosure will not affect the telescope balance in any way. Made up some cables to connect the refractor telescope video camera to the declination axis patch panel.



Mounted 1 shooter and daylight collimated Cassegrain and Newtonian configurations. Removed 1 shooter, mounted modified 4 shooter and aligned as required to maintain Cassegrain collimation. Removed hardware associated with NGCMax and the old declination wheel to provide room for a declination gear enclosure, and a mounting location on south of dec box for a future spectrograph. Reinstalled ST6 camera in lower 4 shooter port. Installed dummy camera at Newt focus. Checked telescope balance but no adjustment was required. Removed dovetail mount on top of telescope so Bob could check/modify it for mounting his 6″ refractor to be utilized as an autoguider and/or finder scope using a video camera. Cleaned all the dirt out of the area surrounding the upper declination axis bearing.

Bob and Glen


Ran the newt focusser wiring to the scope axis panel and then to the dome monitor table and installed a focusser hand controller jack near the mouse location. Fabicated and installed an AC cable of appropriate length for the ST 9 power supply.