Monthly Archives: May 2011


Removed the remainder of the gravel from the viewing deck and filled in the parking lot low spots. Removed the brush from the ditch and around the driveway culvert.

Glen and many others


Brian, Denise and I removed some of the the gravel from the viewing deck this morning. It took the 3 of us 0.75 hours to remove gravel from a 6′ x 30′ section. This involved scraping it off with spades, rakes, and snow shovels, loading it into a wheelbarrow, dumping it into low spots and raking it level, and sweeping the cleared deck with a stiff bristled broom to remove any remaining gravel. Based on my math, it should take approximately 17 man hours to remove the remaining 39′ x 30′ of gravel. 45 / 6′ x (3 x 0.75) = 16.875. 18 hours if we take the odd break. Cost to Centre – $0.00



Install ST-9 CCD camera at Newtonian focus. Install all required wiring. Using the dome computer ‘Meteor’, test CCDSoft software and USB extender circuitry for connection to camera and image processing capabilities. Extend focusser wiring to the back of the mirror box and check focusser for proper operation. Replace dead 9V battery in the focusser hand pad controller. All tests were successful. Install additional counterweights and balance the scope in declination.

Bob and Glen


Today, Jim van Doren and I installed the focusser assembly at the Newtonian position. As always, work out there takes at least double the amount of time anticipated. The (2”x4”) blocks were on the wrong side of the plywood ring, so both mirrors needed to be removed, the spider taken off, 16 bolts removed, the ring reattached, the spider reattached, the Newt focusser assembly mounted, the mirrors re-installed, the Cass collimation adjusted, the Newt collimation adjusted, and the Cass collimation adjusted once again. Once all that was done, we checked the declination balance,removing some weights from the plywood ring and found that both drives were then satisfactory.

Clearly a bit more weight needs to be attached near the secondary counterweight for when the CCD camera is mounted; Jim is looking into that.

The next step is to attach the CCD camera, get the autoguider working and take some images. At that time, I plan to take images with and without exhaust fans working. (The latter would be two fans mounted in the lower doorway surrounded by temporary cardboard and duct tape.) That way, I hope to see what effect the fans will have on seeing. Full testing using complete records are the way to go.