Monthly Archives: February 2011


One of the screws retaining the circuit board to the top plate of the telescope handpad controller had fallen out, allowing the board to flex when the ESC button was pressed, preventing contact being made. I removed all four retaining screws, drilled through the posts they screwed into, and installed 6-32 bolts, washers and nuts. You’ll notice 4 Robertson head bolt heads in the top plate now, but this remedy will prevent a reoccurence of the problem.



Dome rotation was tested when the temperature was ~ -5C. Although the dome moved easily through most of its rotation, a standard 10 amp fuse blew when the dome opening was in the northwest position, an area that has been an ongoing problem. Previous efforts to minimize the friction in that area have resulted in a large reduction of the problem. The fuse was replaced with a 10 amp slo-blo type, and even though the dome slowed down in the northwest area, it continued to move. With the dome slot
positioned in various areas, multiple starts and stops in both directions were made, and the dome moved immediately with no indication of slippage with the recently installed and modified friction wheel. The dome has been restored to operation.