Monthly Archives: December 2010


Installed Weathercam computer, swapped out the RMOB tower for a Small Desktop, moved Meteor (Observation Deck) computer from the floor to the shelf. Added a power bar to distribute UPS AC to the 5 control room computers. Bunched all the Radio and AllSky camera computers together under the shelf and installed a 4 port KVM to access them. Removed the large monitor, extra mouse and keyboard. Utilized the four new CAT5 runs installed yesterday to clean up the control room internet
access wiring.

The RMOB tower (2.8GHz) will be reconfigured in the near future to replace the Observation Desk computer (1GHz). This will improve performance when using the planetarium programs and imaging software. Updated the online Network Configuration records to reflect the changes. Added examples showing dome motor handpad to dome motor controller routing, and USB extender details. Hard copy located in the equipment bay. Composed a new Operating Procedure outlining how the KVM switch is to be used, and posted it to the website. I’ll update the procedure book the next time I’m at the observatory.



Today, Gil and I installed the flip secondary with both hunks of glass (Cass and Newt secondaries) attached to the rotor. We checked the operation of the drives, retaining two weights on the big steel ring. The telescope now slews satisfactorily in Dec and RA, (in both directions for each, of course). The inter-mirror distance is exactly the same as before. We checked and tweaked the collimation in the Cass mode, and it’s just fine. (We left the secondary in the Cass position, of course.)

When the weather moderates, I shall check the visual images on the first available clear night (assuming it’s not Christmas). The next step is to put the Newt focuser back on and try to get the auto guider working with my ST-9XE temporarily mounted.



Deactivated weathercam capture software due to unresolved audio card conflicts on RMOB computer causing computer to hang at 100% CPU utilization. Removed Sentinel2 computer for home analysis of AVG virus program continually crashing, causing computer to hang, and the inability to remove or repair the program.



Replaced CPU fan in ‘Meteor’ Computer and blew out the dust. Replaced the hard drive, flakey RAM memory stick and updated a corrupt video driver in the ‘RMOB’ computer and blew out the dust.