Monthly Archives: November 2010


Dome rotation has been changed to manual mode. Although the dome moves relatively freely, not enough drive motor wheel to flange friction can be obtained for the motor to move the dome. Until the weather warms up significantly, or another method can be devised to move the dome with the motor, the manual method will be used.



A work bee involving eleven people at the observatory resulted in repairs to the soffit and gutters, organization of the basement and tools, repairing tables, modification of the furnace to accomodate the filter properly, mounting red dot finders on the two larger dobsonian telescopes, sweeping and vacuuming of all floors, washing the classroom and hallway floors, cleanup of the room at the end of the hallway, removal of all garbage and clutter, checking integrity of crawl space drain pipe mesh, repair of the lower slot door cable, check of the grounds for litter. The outside Christmas lights were put up.

Glen and many others