Monthly Archives: March 2010


The 4.5 inch Star blasters and the larger Dob’s owned by the center were checked and collimated as needed thanks to Al H, Blair S, Glen H and Others)


The CG-5 mount has been fixed, a small voltage regulator needed fixing. The total bill is $125.00 plus taxes. I will pick it up later this afternoon.

Blair A. Stunder


Installed the wiring from the weather camera (the original 92 degree FOV AllSky camera) to the equipment bay. Tested the installation using the Hauppauge capture card. Oriented the camera due west. The camera mount prevents orientation to the north. Orienting any further south may compromise the camera’s CCD chip due to strong sunlight. All that remains to make the camera operational is to locate a suitable capture card and install it in one of the existing computers, most likely RMOB.



Inspected the attic for moisture as well as truss and sheathing structural integrity. There are no issues. There are no broken,
cracked or missing shingles and they shouldn’t need to be replaced for another 2 years. Some curling is evident but looks
worse from ground level than on the roof. The shingles that have lifted can be tacked back down with some Instapatch when the
weather gets warmer. Flashing needs to be installed under the shingles at the west eaves to redirect water into the gutters. This will prevent water from dripping onto the sidewalk and causing a slipping safety hazard during freezing weather.
Flashing is on site for this activity. There was lots of evidence of mice and wasps in the attic. It is unknown at this time if the rodents are still active.

Glen and Rusty