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PGC89 2009-01-14

7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2N 6S2

Business Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2009

Date: January 14, 2009
Location: 3323 Hart Highway

Chairperson: Gil Self
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris
Executives Present: Glen, Maurice, Gil, Brian, Blair, Wayne, Jim Van Doren
Members Present: Rusty

Meeting Called to Order at 7:32 pm.

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
Minutes of November 12, 2008 meeting were circulated.
Motion to accept minutes as circulated. MSC

2. Treasurer’s Report
Club Account: $6313.86
Gaming: $11.71
Motion to accept treasurer’s report as circulated. MSC
Details on file
Brian reminded us of the need to properly document any spending proposals and expenditures.

  • Submission of a formal proposal documenting justification, all material, and costs.
  • All expenditures must be traceable back to an executive motion and noted in the minutes.
  • Receipts showing the items and all applicable taxes, shipping costs, currency conversion, etc. must be submitted to the treasurer.
  • If a project is going to go over budget, all work must stop, the project reevaluated, and additional costs approved by the executive.

3. Correspondence, Secretary’s Report
Various bills, statements, and Centre newsletters

4. Old Business

  • The AllSky camera has been installed.
  • The gaming grant application was sent off in November.
  • Repairs to the dome will be made at the conclusion of the first NOVA class on Jan 17.
  • Maurice will obtain a hard copy of the RASC liability policy.

5. New Business

  • Mileage compensation was tabled pending input from a CGA and what the applicable rate should be based on government information. Policy will be fine tuned and outlined at a later date.

5. New Business (continued)

  • Due to a lack of volunteers, the observatory will only host one open house on the first Friday of the month starting in February. Viewing sessions on the third Friday of the month will be held at Moore’s Meadow on 1st Avenue between Tabor and Foothills, weather permitting. Tours and special events will continue to be held based on volunteer participation.
  • Forsyth Steel is donating the H beam dome flange material, bending, and transportation from Vancouver to Prince George. Tentative delivery date is May.
  • UNBC will be the location of a lecture in September.
  • Dark Sky material is to be accumulated and organized in time for the March Recreation Market.
  • International Year of Astronomy material provided by RASC National was presented.
  • Dessert pot luck/social is scheduled for February 24th, 7:30 pm at the observatory.
  • NOVA classes 7, 8 and 9 still require an instructor.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm