PGC80 2007-10-27 AGM

7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2N 6S2

2007 Annual General Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2007

Date: October 27, 2007
Location: PGAO 7365 Tedford Road
Chairperson: Gil Self
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris
Members present: 17
Guests present: 4
Meeting Called to Order at 7:40 pm
1. Previous Meeting Minutes
Minutes of October 25, 2006 AGM were circulated.
Motion: To accept 2006 AGM minutes as circulated. MSC
2. Treasurer’s Report
General Account Balance: $2782.12
Gaming Account Balance: $8085.42
A detailed financial report is filed with minutes.
Motion to accept the treasurer’s report. MSC
3. Secretary’s Report
Of the 82 memberships in the PG Centre, 37 will expire at the end of October. 849 visitors passed through the observatory between October 1, 2006 and September 30, 2007. Approximately 1700 man-hours were logged for tours, open houses, work bees, personal observing, promotions, etc. during the same period.
4. Committee Reports

  • Technical upgrades – Aluminum Serrier truss assembly should be manufactured and ready for installation before the spring opening of the observatory. Newtonian focus assembly is being designed, as is the dome drive assembly. The dome brackets need to be leveled, the telescope drive control board purchased, and the telescope drive motors installed. A new collimation tool is being designed.
  • Dark Sky Initiative – The City of Prince George is becoming more Dark Sky aware by using full cut off street lighting and dimming some streetlights. Private developers are also using full cut off lights. City councilors will be invited to attend the observatory to learn more about Dark Skies.
  • Maurice is doing 90 second radio spots that highlight astronomical events and advertise the observatory open houses.
  • NOVA – Due to a lack of response to the fall NOVA program, it has been rescheduled to January 2008. Fees have been lowered to $94 for a non-member, and $45 for a member. UNBC will no longer be involved.

5. New Business
Discussion centred on the latest RASC National survey. The PG Centre will wait to see the results of the survey before commenting to National.
Signing authority needs to be dealt with.

Annual Election results:

President: Gil Self
Vice President: Maurice Sluka
Secretary: Glen Harris
Treasurer: Bob Nelson
National Rep: Brian Battersby
Members at Large:
Jim Arnold
John Ascah
Hugh Kennedy
Gregory Mohammed
Trevor Padgett
Blair Stunder
Jim Toews
Doug Wayland