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7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2N 6S2

Executive Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2006

Date: September 13, 2006
Location: 7365 Tedford Road

Chairperson: Gil Self
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris

Executives Present: Gil, Maurice, Greg, Jim Arnold, Wayne, Glen
Member Present: Blair

Meeting Called to Order at 7:40 p.m.

1. Previous Meeting Minutes

2. Treasurer’s Report

3. Correspondence
Terasen statement, SpeeDee invoices, various RASC Centre newsletters.

4. Old Business

  • The classroom improvement proposal will be included in the next Gaming grant.
  • Telescope drive upgrade – specific details were unavailable, but a December/January time frame for the installation of worm and gear was suggested.
  • Jerry at Northwood is working on the dome drive assembly.
  • September/October Open House staffing:

Sept. 15 Maurice, Jon
Sept. 22 Gil, Jim A, Wayne, Todd
Sept. 29 Maurice, Jon
Oct. 6 Greg, Valerie

5. New Business

  •   Attach a Spending Proposal Summary/Approval sheet (see attachment) to each spending proposal. File # will be the date approved (yyyymmdd-xx). Copies of the form can be retrieved from the FTP site. The Treasurer will keep a master list of all approved proposals.
  • Motion: Add 4 more rollers to distribute the dome load more evenly and reduce wear on the flange. $150 limit. For the main slot opening mechanism, replace the defective lower U Joint, relocate the shaft closer to dome by installing steady bearing and U Joint at shaft midpoint. Midpoint attachment will be to a dome rib. Blair will be the prime mover on this project
  • Moved: Gil Seconded: Maurice Carried
  • Glen will follow up on a snowplowing contractor with Jeff Sarrazin.
  • 4-shooter replacement discussion was tabled to the next executive meeting and will be included in Bob’s technical improvements/ utilization of the observatory discussion. 20 minutes allocated.
  • Motion: Renew insurance with coverage of $160K for building, $50K for telescope at a cost of ~$1500 taxes included. Maurice is taking care of this item.
  • Moved: Maurice Seconded: Wayne Carried
  • Greg has borrowed the club’s Compaq Armada V300 laptop.
  • Purchase of a Coronado PST telescope for CDN $700 plus taxes will be contingent on a financial report from the treasurer. The telescope would be mounted on the main scope and images could be transmitted to the classroom using existing infrastructure and technology.
  • Jim will contact an exterminator regarding the Carpenter Ant problem.
  • Saturday member nights will not be scheduled. Any key holder planning to open the observatory is asked to email his intention to the entire membership.
  • The remainder of the October Open House staffing will be determined at the September 27 meeting.
  • Motion: Purchase a multi toolbox for use at the observatory. Spending limit of $100. Maurice is dealing with this item.
  • Moved: Maurice Seconded: Gil Carried
  • Maurice to research the cost of 2 – 50′ extension cords for use with the vacuum cleaner and weed whacker.
  • Motion: Renew Fae Mooney’s RASC membership. Glen will take care of this.
  • Moved: Gil Seconded: Wayne Carried
  • Recreation Market critique: Ensure that contact info and signage is current. The club will be participating in the Spring Rec. Market, and any executive member is authorized to reserve a booth when the notice from the city is received.
  • September 27 general meeting ‘entertainment’ has not been finalized. It was unclear if Maurice was going to try and line up a guest speaker who would talk about planetariums. Gil will ask Bob to do a ‘Constellation of the Month’ presentation. Greg will see if he can get some UNBC guest speakers for future meetings. There is a need to plan the general meeting ‘entertainment’ well in advance.

Adjourned at 9:25 pm