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Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Prince George Centre

Executive Meeting Minutes for May 31 2006

Start time: 7:27pm

Reading of previous meeting minutes moved to next meeting.

Treasurer’s report issued, Bob distributed a copy of the Banking Summary for 2006-01-01 to 2006-05-31. The bank account summary was supplied verbally as:

Club account $4,938.86
Gamming account $7,846.16
Petty cash $ 136.74
Prepaid services $2,099.72

Total $16,021.48

The digital projector has been fixed and repositioned. The problem was a faulty solder joint. The cost for repair was $265.62 and cheque has been issued to Speedee Printers.

The Gaming grant is progressing; the deadline for submission is between Aug. 1st and Nov. 30th.

The members are to suggest projects for spending proposals.

Bob’s work on the club history documentation is progressing. It will be for corporate fund raising.

Telescope upgrades discussed. The society members are to review direction for future projects.

Bob has found a manufacturer for the deculation drive gear for $1800.00 US.
Motion to proceed ordering the declination drive by Gil & seconded by Wayne.

Telescope drive clutches discussed, we are investigating lockable & removable clutches.

Prepaying services was discussed. Motion from Gil, seconded by Bob, to use $2500.00 to prepay accounts.

Starry Night education programs / resources discussed. Motion to purchase programs by Gil, seconded by Wayne. Programs to include Starry Night Edu 2.0, Middle school, High school, and Proplus for a total cost of 579.81 US as of May 31 2006.

Motion to purchase red dot light for computerised scope, Gil, seconded by Maurice.

New Business

Volunteer shortage discussed. The executive to will vote on staffing level required for the fall in September. It was suggested to move back the open house season to the middle to of September, to reduce workload.

Summer events planned:

July 1st Astronomy in the park, to be planned.
Aug. 12 Perseid meteor shower, to be planned.

Adjourned at 9:40pm, followed by Bob’s constellation of the month ‘Bootes’ and his photo log of the observatories in Chile.