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RASC PG Centre April 26 2006 executive minutes:

In attendance: Gil, Maurice, Greg, John A, Blair, Art, Valerie Z

Previous minutes, not reviewed.

Treasures report, delayed to May meeting.

Old business:

  • Books and Co. Astronomy Day, is a go and staffing is assigned.
  • Gaming Application Progress: discussed, written project proposals required for submission.
  • Update on Technical meeting:

Bob to issue an update on issues. A number of ideas we discussed such as:

We need full inventory documentation on existing hardware design of the telescope, specifications and drawings. This will take some work to compile and we may have to create new CADD drawings and specifications. This information is essential for any out side party to design a software or hardware, so they can know what they are designing to. All new changes should be documented, listing change reasoning, design, any changes, and as built information.

We should establish some Design Process to set up to control and organise the project.

We should have Project Manager, to report to the executive concerning progress, changes, costing, and schedule. The Project Designer would be a separate person.

New business:

  • Proxy Votes for upcoming National Meeting: members are asked to review and sign off proxy and hand over to the club secretary to mail out.
  • New entry sign: reviewed revised sign (by Bob), everyone was in favour to proceed, costing to be provided at next meeting.
  • New cash box: Jim A has the box mostly complete.
  • The Starry Night middle school and high school programs were discussed, with those in attendance in favour, since they offer powerful multi media teaching tools. The Starry night Pro Plus 5.0 planetarium and upgrade to 5.8.

Maurice to contact Starry night to see if any cost savings deals is available to a society like ours.

Additional New business discussed:

  • Executive members are encouraged to use the new yahoo group website, to manage coordination of events and reduce e-mail volume.
  • The loss of NOVA members was discussed, with some ideas proposed:
  • Extend NOVA to create a second year. This would increase the cost (perhaps around $120.00 to 150.00 for the two year course with two years membership), but also offer goals to meet and greater accomplishment. Also a chance to apply their interest and knowledge. We should consider using UNBC’s offer include the course, for their 10% surcharge, the extra advertising should offset any drop in numbers due to the increased cost. The second year could be a practium with self-guided options and over seeing of projects by members who have appropriate skills to offer pointers.

These second year projects could include:

  • Self guided oberseving on members nights
  • Create your own star hop
  • Create your own galaxy hop
  • Create a constellation of the month presentation
  • Participate as a secondary on an open house and members night
  • Graduated use of the club’s telescopes, star blast, to celestron goto, and 24” telescope.

Valerie was asked to offer any additional ideas to make the second year more rounded and interesting to a NOVA student.

It was also discussed that the first year classes teaching could be shared, so more members are familiar with the course and help distribute the workload. If we had 3 members offer to do one class each of their choice, it would help the course to be less reliant on one person.

The idea of offering UNBC a “NOVA-light” two evening course (that they orginaly asked for), could have good benefits to the club without a large amount of labour. This course could be offered with any added labour from Brian, but we would need four members to teach one hour each. If we had only 10 people sign up, it would be very profitable for the club and add more members.

The course layout could be as follows:

  • Two weeknights from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, in the third week of September.
  • The first night could be a presentation at a UNBC classroom, so it is easy for people to attend.
  • The second night would held at the observatory, with observing subject to weather
  • The course would use condensed NOVA materials, in 1-hour blocks, so we would need four members to present it.
  • The cost could be around $65.00 to $70.00 and include one year’s membership.
  • Since NOVA will start in mid October, anyone who it interested could sign up for the NOVA course.
  • We would need to create a concise course outline for UNBC

Maurice will contact UNBC to see if this is reasonable arrangement, so we can get the courses in their 2006 – 2007 calendar. If the courses do not attract the minimum of students or enough teachers are available, we would cancel and refund the fees.

General meeting:

– Bob’s presentation set aside to next month.