Prince George Centre
7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC V2N 6S2

General Meeting Minutes

Date: September 28, 2005
Location: PGAO 7365 Tedford Road
Chairperson: Brian Battersby
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris
Executives Present: Brian, Glen, Wayne
Members Present: John A, Gerhard, Jim Toews, Maurice, Art, Todd, Charlie, Rod, Doug
Meeting Called to Order at 7:40 p.m.
1. Previous Meeting Minutes
Minutes from the May 25, 2005 meeting were circulated.
Motion to accept minutes as distributed.
Moved; Wayne Seconded; Charlie Carried
2. Treasurer’s Report:
General Account $4497.80
Gaming Account $9618.46
3. Correspondence
Various RASC Centre’s newsletters, bank statements, Telus statement, Society Annual Report form 11, Terasen statement
4. Old Business
5. New Business

  • Jove receiver has arrived, Radio-SkyPipe is up and running, Art will supply 4-20′ poles for use in construction of a Jove antenna.
  • The 24″ mirror has been cleaned.
  • Sky and Telescope subscription costs should be given to Wayne by the middle of November. Please remit to him US$40 cash.
  • Brian will re-send the Telescope Group Purchase Plan proposal.

6. Upcoming Events
Sept 30 Open House Brian, Jim, Charlie
October 1 Member’s Night Wayne
October 7 Open House Glen
October 8 Member’s Night
October 11 Tour Gil
October 12 Executive Meeting at SpeeDee’s 7:30 pm
October 14 Open House
October 15 NOVA Brian
October 18 Tour Brian, Doug
October 19 Cubs at Eagle Hall Wayne
October 20 Tour Brian, Doug
October 21 Open House
October 22 Member’s Night Brian (Photo Club visit)
October 26 Annual General Meeting and elections at the Observatory 7:30 pm
October 28 Mars Open House
October 29 NOVA Brian
November 4 Mars Open House
November 5 Mars Open House
November 9 Executive Meeting at SpeeDee’s 7:30 pm
November 11 Open House
November 12 NOVA Brian
November 16 Tour Wayne, Glen
November 18 Open House
November 19 Member’s Night
November 25 Open House
November 26 NOVA Brian
November 30 General Meeting at the Observatory 7:30 pm
7. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.