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7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2N 6S2

General Meeting Minutes

Date: April 27, 2005
Location: PGAO 7365 Tedford Road

Chairperson: Brian Battersby
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris
Executives Present: Brian, Glen, Wayne, Gil
Members Present: Effie, Jim Arnold, Rod, Hugh, Greg, Art
Guests Present: Brian’s Dad, Dr. Patrick Montgomery

Meeting called to order at 8:45 p.m.

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
No minutes were circulated.

2. Treasurer’s Report:
As of April 26, 2005
Club Account Balance $3038.35 Gaming Account Balance $21083.91

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.
Moved: Gil Seconded: Hugh Carried

3. Correspondence
Two RBC bank statements, Telus bill, Terasen bill, Saskatchewan Summer Star Party 2005 brochures, various RASC Centre newsletters.

4. Old Business

  • Gil is still waiting for clarification on what the gaming funds can be spent on.
  • The Lunar and Constellation globes have arrived.
  • Two additional 4.5″ Starblaster Dobsonian telescopes have been ordered are in transit.
  • The projection screen originally ordered is no longer being manufactured. It is being replaced with a newer model at the same price as the original.
  • Astronomy Day was a success. Approximately 110 visitors attended.

5. New Business

6. Upcoming Events
April 29 Cub Tour 7:30 pm
May 7 NOVA class 7:30 pm
May 11 Executive meeting 7:30 pm at Speedee Printers
May 17 Peter Jedicke, RASC president, will give a talk at the observatory at 7:30 pm.
June 4 Viewing season windup potluck barbeque

6. Upcoming Events (continued)
Open Houses Member’s Nights
April 29 Maurice April 30 Doug
May 6 Maurice May 7 Brian
May 13 Wayne May 14 Rod
May 20 Gil May 21 Cancelled due to GA in Kelowna
May 27 Bob May 28 Glen

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm

7. Presentation
UNBC’s Dr. Patrick Montgomery prior to the business meeting presented a lecture entitled ‘The Mathematics of Waves’.

April 2005


Photographer: Doug Wayland
Object: South Celestial Pole Star Trails
Details: I set my 35mm camera on a small tripod and aimed near the south celestial pole. With the lens set at wide angle (35mm) and wide open (f 3.5), I locked the shutter open for 30 minutes. I succeeded in capturing a wire fence with a background of stars trailing around the pole. The lack of a bright star near the axis identifies this as the South Pole.


7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2N 6S2

Executive Meeting Minutes
April 13, 2005

Date: March 9, 2005
Location: 490 Brunswick, St.

Chairperson: Brian Battersby
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris

Executives Present: Brian, Maurice, Wayne, Glen, Bob, Gil, Doug, Greg, John

Meeting Called to Order at 7:33 p.m.

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes from March 9, 2005 were circulated
Motion to accept minutes as circulated by: Gil Seconded by: Bob Carried

2. Treasurer’s Report
Club Account Gaming Account
Balance $2709.44 Balance $19559.02
Motion to accept treasurer’s report as circulated by: Glen Seconded by: Maurice Carried

3. Correspondence
Blockbuster bill, Gaming letter, email from Orla Aaquist (Edmonton Centre)

4. Old Business

  • Peter Jedicke, RASC president, will be in PG on May 17 to visit and give a talk at the observatory at 7:30 pm. John Ascah is providing the billet for both Peter and his wife.
  • Gil is still waiting for written consent to spend gaming funds on building improvements.

5. New Business

  • Gaming: The club was allocated an additional $15,000 in gaming funds.
  • The 12′ wall screen is back ordered. Cost $1162.04
  • The Solar scope has been purchased. Cost $130
  • 2 – 4.5″ Orion StarBlast Dobsonian telescopes have been purchased for member’s use and loaning out. Based on their usage, 2 additional scopes will be purchased. Cost for 2 telescopes $566.31
  • Funds have been allocated to print 600 promotional brochures. Cost $280.44
  • The purchase of the Moon, Constellation, and Mars globes has been deferred due to availability issues.
  • Gas, Phone, and Hydro utilities have been prepaid. Cost $2538.00
  • Insurance coverage will be paid out of gaming funds. The cost is approximately $1300
  • Wayne will send a letter to UNBC’s Carol Sandford indicating that we will not be employing a co-op student.
  • The club VCR tapes have for the most part been converted to DVD.
  • Orla Aaquist (Edmonton RASC) emailed a request for copies of the paperwork needed to start the construction of an observatory.

5. New Business (continued)

  • Gil has invited the RASC Edmonton Centre to join us for the Perseids meteor shower.
  • Maurice will be adding material to the club library, the contents of which Brian will post on the club web site.
  • Brian will connect with SD57 contact Bonnie Chappel to determine how many Skyways books the club should purchase for distribution throughout the school district.
  • A minimum of 50 Beginner Observer’s Guides will be purchased at the same time that Skyways is ordered.
  • Hot dogs, buns, etc will be purchased for Astronomy Day. For $2.50, the public can purchase a hot dog and pop.
  • Glen will have high-speed Internet access installed at the observatory. UPDATE- A 3 year contract has been arranged. Cost is $59.22/month.
  • Glen will acquire a dozen empty film canisters for use at the telescope workshop on Astronomy Day.
  • Greg has arranged to have 2 UNBC professors, Dr. Patrick Montgomery and Dr. Patrick Mann, give lectures at the next 2 general meetings.

Coming Events
April 16 Astronomy Day 2:00 pm – 11:00 Various members
April 29 Cub tour 8:30 pm Maurice and others

Open House
April 15 Brian
April 22 Robin
April 29 Maurice
May 6 Maurice
May 13 Wayne
May 20 Gil
May 27 Bob

Member’s Night
April 16 Glen
April 23 Brian
April 30 Doug
May 7 Brian
May 14 Rod
May 21 Cancelled due to GA in Kelowna
May 28 Glen

Next general meeting:
Main Talk: Dr. Patrick Montgomery from UNBC will be giving a talk on ‘Waves’

6. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn by: Glen
Seconded by: Brian

Adjourned at 10:20 p.m.