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7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2N 6S2

General Meeting Minutes

Date: September 29, 2004
Location: PGAO 7365 Tedford Road

Chairperson: Brian Battersby
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris
Executives Present: Glen, Rod, Gil, Brian
Members Present: John, Maurice, Wayne, Gerhard, Robin and Karen, Jim, Jeff, Allen, Art, Greg, Bob K
Guests Present: Rob, Brian Potts

Meeting called to order at 7:42 p.m.

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
May 26, 2004 General meeting minutes
September 9, 2004 Executive meeting minutes
Motion to Accept May 26, 2004 General meeting minutes as circulated.
Moved: Gil Seconded: John Carried

2. Treasurer’s Report:
As of September 29, 2004
Club Account Gaming Account
Total Income $4041.66 Total Income $1261.12
Total Expenses $5112.81 Total Expenses $5725.85
Total Income/Expenses ($1071.15) Total Income/Expenses ($4464.73)
Total Net Worth $1719.24 Total Net Worth $97.26

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.
Moved: Glen Seconded: Gil Carried

3. Correspondence
Various RASC Centres newsletters.

4. Old Business

5. New Business

  • Telescope Committee: The Newtonian mirror and ST9 CCD camera assembly is in place.
  • There are problems with the flip mechanism that will be addressed when Bob returns from
  • Australia in December. The telescope is usable in the Cassegrain configuration.
  • Fundraising Committee: The introductory letter to businesses is being edited.

5. New Business (continued)

  • Due to increased interest, Member’s nights will now be rain or shine.
  • New members Robin and Karen Riordan were introduced.
  • Glen to submit notice of upcoming events to the Free Press and Prince George Citizen

Volunteers for October Events
Open Houses
October 1 Wayne
October 8 Gil, Maurice
October 15 Glen
October 22 Maurice
October 29 Brian

Member’s Nights
October 2 Maurice, Robin
October 9 Robin
October 16 Glen
October 23 Gil
October 30 Brian

6. Upcoming Events
October 6 Executive meeting at Gil’s office
October 7 Vanderhoof school tour at 7:00 p.m.
October 14 Vanderhoof school tour at 7:00 p.m.
October 20 AGM at the Observatory
October 21 Vanderhoof school tour at 7:00 p.m.
October 27 Open House at 6:30 p.m. for Lunar Eclipse

Meeting adjourned at 8:41 p.m.

7. Presentation
Robin gave a lecture entitled ‘Cosmology – from the beginning


7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2N 6S2

Executive Meeting Minutes
September 9, 2004

Date: September 9, 2004
Location: #30-1839 1st Ave.

Chairperson: Brian Battersby
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris
Executives Present: Gil, Brian, Glen
Members Present: Bob, Robin, Wayne, Maurice, John, Greg, Jim
Guests Present:

Time Meeting Called to Order at 7:36 p.m.

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes from May 15, 2004 were circulated
Motion to accept minutes as circulated by: Bob Seconded by: Gil

2. Treasurer’s Report
As of RBC statements dated August 20, 2004
Club Account Balance: $2211.12
Gaming Account Balance: $1560.77
The insurance has been paid for the year, and Terasen Gas has postdated cheques for the next 8 months
Sky and Tel subscriptions are being collected.
Outstanding Bills:
Blockbuster: $133.75
Telus: $59.26
IDSA: US$50 Maurice will investigate this charge as he feels it was paid in the spring.
Motion to accept treasurer’s report: John Seconded by: Gil Carried

3. Correspondence
From the City of Prince George, a request to participate in School District 57 Friday Pro-D days was received. We will advise the City of our intent to participate in the October 22, 2004 Pro-D Day. Wayne and Robin will prepare a list of activities that the secretary will forward to Leisure Services Department no later than September 24, 2004

4. Committee reports

Status of Newtonian configuration project:
The solenoid latch voltage needs to be boosted with a capacitor. Bob is working on the focusing apparatus. Glen will fabricate the guard ring from a piece of 3/8” plywood and install. The scope will probably need to be rebalanced.

4. Committee reports (continued)
Status of telescope drive control: Wayne is still researching the software problem. 24 Volt supply required for the declination motor.

Status of corporate funding drive: Stalled due to other commitments. Bob, with the assistance of others will develop a presentation of club activities, focus, etc. that can be given to prospective corporate sponsors. Bob will do his utmost to have the documentation complete prior to his departure for warmer climes at the end of September.

Meteor monitor antenna upgrade: Wayne has donated a 26’ mast, which, along with an old TV antenna found in the basement of the observatory, will be erected in the next week or so.

Light fence status: Jim has researched the cost of a 5’ x 10’light barrier. The cheapest supplier is Canadian Cylinder.
Motion to purchase light barrier from Canadian Cylinder for $186.50 + taxes
Moved: Gil Seconded: Wayne Carried

Pier mounts status: In the current 4-bolt configuration, leveling the plates is time consuming. The configuration will be changed to a 3-bolt system, oriented to celestial north at all piers. Jim will source the required materials

Roof status: The latest repair has been effective. The shutter rails will be shortened to eliminate problems with the dome binding due to snow accumulating at the base of the dome. Extreme care must be taken when clearing snow from the roof.

5. New Business

  • Robin has volunteered to take care of Steve Barnes’ needs during his stay in Prince George.
  • Bob has graciously, if not willingly, accepted the treasurer’s position. Laurie Battersby has offered to assist in the generation of financial reports, tracking expenses, etc. using the accounting program Quick Books.
  • Safety/ Liability Concerns at the Observatory:
  • Wayne will install restraining cables and supply a harness for people working on the roof. A man check in the form of calling Gil (964-7279) when working alone on the roof has been instituted. Bob and Wayne will draw up a general observatory safety procedure. Bob will contact lawyer Oliver Hui to discuss liability concerns.
  • Gaming grant application status: 90% complete. Gil will check with Rod regarding 2003/2004 gaming summary before submitting application.
  • Noise Reduction Panels: Wall hangings are preferred to placing additional ceiling panels. The existing panels will be bolted to the ceiling.
  • Purchasing a Polar Alignment Scope for the CG-5 mount (item #94220) approx. $230 + ship + taxes has been deferred due to a lack of funding.
  • Wayne has requested a lectern, which with club supplied materials, James is willing to construct. Approximate material and cutting costs are $75. Further discussion of this matter between Wayne, Glen and James will occur at the Recreation market on Saturday, September 11. John donated a wireless mouse. Jim offered to supply a laser pointer.

New Business (continued)

  • Copies of the Celestron Instruction manual have been added to the library and are available on a loan basis.
  • Motion: Pending approval from the treasurer, purchase an inexpensive digital camera (~ $100) to record functions occurring at the observatory.
  • Moved: Gil Seconded: Bob Carried

Coming Events
Sept 10 Fall Recreation market setup 8-10 p.m. Pine Centre Mall
Sept 11 Fall Recreation market mall hrs. Pine Centre Mall
Sept 12 Fall Recreation market mall hrs. Pine Centre Mall
Sept 15 Guest Speaker Steve Barnes (Sept 15 7:30 pm @ observatory) Web-Cam Imaging Presentation
Sept 18 Baldy Hughes Observing Session TBA Baldy Hughes
Sept 29 General Meeting 7:30 pm Observatory

Oct 6 Executive Meeting 7:30 pm Gil’s Office, 30-1839 1st ave
Oct 20 Annual General Meeting – elections 7:30 pm Observatory
Oct 27 Total Lunar Eclipse 6:00 pm Observatory

Open House – every Friday night (Aug. to end of Nov.)
Members Night – every Saturday night (Aug. to end of Nov.)

Open House and Member’s Night Schedule

Open House
October 1 Wayne
October 8 Gil, Maurice
October 15 Glen
October 22 Maurice
October 29 Brian

Member’s Night
October 2
October 9
October 16 Glen
October 23
October 30 Brian

Next general meeting: September 29, 2004

Main Talk: Cosmology- From the beginning
Presented by Robin

6. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn by: Glen
Seconded by: Brian

Adjourned at 10:39 p.m.