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7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2N 6S2

Executive Meeting Minutes

Date: March 13, 2002
Location: #30 – 1839 1st Ave
Prince George, BC

Chairperson: Brian Battersby
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris
Executives Present:
Gil Self, Brian Battersby, Rob Frith, Rod Herd, Glen Harris
Members Present:
Maurice Sluka

Time Meeting Called to Order at 7:15 p.m.

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes from February 13th , 2002 and February 24th, 2002 were circulated
Motion to accept minutes as circulated by: Gil Seconded by: Maurice

2. Treasurer’s Report

  • See Page 4 of these minutes for the detailed financial report.
  • Charity receipts are required for Paul Roberts’ $300 donation and TELUS’ $200 donation.
  • ACTION ITEM: Rod to issue receipts, Glen to send thank you notes with receipts attached.
  • Motion to accept treasurer’s report as circulated by: Rod and Seconded by: Gil

3. Correspondence
Bill from BC Gas
Various RASC emails: New Members List, Current Membership List, Membership Revenue Processed for Feb. 2002 report, Sirius Travel – contact RASC HQ for more info, John Percy requesting info from Centres to nominate RASC for the Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion… again.

ACTION ITEM: Glen is working on The Michael Smith Award item and will submit it before the deadline of March 22nd.

4. Old Business

  • Telus Grant application for the video system will be put on hold so that we can concentrate on filing for BC Gaming money.
  • Member’s Handbook – work is ongoing, and completion/ distribution date is slated for the General Meeting in August. Deadline for chapter additions is May 29, 2002 (the last general meeting of the season).
  • Contest Committee: Judy Wyper recommends that we postpone trying to get involved with the science fair until next year when the consequences of the current job action is known. Teachers are unsure whether or not to participate this year. She recommends that we send out some information about the club to all the schools at the beginning of the next school year so that they know what we are all about when we approach them with the science fair idea.
  • Dew Shields: Doug and his sister have completed two dew shields for the club’s Celestron SCT’s. Reimbursement to Doug in the amount of $32.14 is required. His sister should be sent a thank you note.
  • ACTION ITEM: Rod to issue receipt, Glen to send a thank you note.

5. New Business
Items 1 through 6 from the Emergency Executive meeting on Feb 24, 2002 are complete. (Items listed below)

  1. Society Annual Report c/w Financial statement for the last fiscal year. — Sent via registered mail on March 1, 2002
  2. Address change was sent with the Society Annual Report.
  3. Bank signing authority change has been completed.
  4. Lease Renewal was hand delivered on March 1, 2002
  5. Director change was sent with Society Annual Report
  6. Charity Tax Return — Rod is working on this item and will submit it when complete.
  7. Change the name of the club to Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Prince George Centre. This requires a notice of resolution at a general meeting, and will be retabled at the March 27, 2002 meeting.

Item # 7 from the Emergency Executive meeting on Feb 24, 2002 is in progress. The name has been searched and all that remains is to vote on the name change and send in the paperwork. Notice of the vote was given in the Feb 27, 2002 meeting minutes. (Item #7 listed below)

Advance notice of this special resolution was sent out to the membership in the Feb. 27 meeting minutes.

Item #8 from the Emergency Executive meeting on Feb 24, 2002.
GST Rebate: Rod is working on the paperwork to apply for the rebate, but is running into difficulty due to the state of previous financial records.

5. New Business (continued)
Recreation Market. April 5 & 6 Schedule:
Friday April 5 Saturday April 6
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Glen
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Maurice
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Brian

Saturday April 6
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Brian
Morning Rob, Maurice
Afternoon Gil

  • Astronomy Day: April 20th. As no consensus could be reached on a suitable venue, this item will be brought to the general membership for their input.
  • Messier Night is on Saturday March 16th, bring food for dinner or snacks. Glen has created a spreadsheet based on the Messier information printed in the March 2002 issue of the ‘Astronomy’ magazine. This form will be available to those wishing to keep track of their observations on Messier Night.
  • Light Pollution Committee: Maurice has prepared an extremely comprehensive draft copy of the Lighting Pollution Bylaw and will be submitting it to the City of Prince George Engineering Department on March 14th or 15th. His efforts are indeed timely, as the existing lighting bylaw is up for review the week of March 18th, and it is hoped that his submission will have a positive influence on the decisions that will be made. Great effort Maurice and we hope that your diligent work will result in the city addressing the concerns of the astronomical community in Prince George. Maurice will be investigating the benefits of the club joining the International Dark Sky Association.
  • Storage Lockers: Maurice has been investigating the possibility of acquiring some free lockers from the school district in May. This would enable members of the club to store their viewing attire, astronomical equipment and associated materials at the clubhouse, instead of lugging it all back and forth.
  • International Dark Sky Association Seminar Tape: Maurice has a copy of this tape and Brian will review it to see if the tape will be suitable for viewing at the general meeting on March 27th.
  • Gaming Grant: There was a very long discussion regarding the wording and submission criteria for the gaming grant. As more work is required before this document is ready to be sent in, the executive will continue to iron out the details. It was decided to hold off on sending in the approved Notice of Resolution regarding the name change, as it is unknown if the name change will jeopardize approval of the gaming grant. The penalty for not submitting the Notice of Resolution by May 2nd is $30, the cost to re-search the proposed new name.

Next general meeting:
Constellation of the Month: Gil will be doing this presentation on March 27th.

Main Talk: Run through setup of various pieces of club equipment and demonstrate the use of the laser collimator to collimate a Newtonian scope.

6. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn by: Gil
Seconded by: Rod

Adjourned at 9:45 p.m.


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