7765 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2L 4S6

November 14, 2001 Executive Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at #30-1839 1st Avenue
Present: Brian Battersby Gil Self Kane Sanders Glen Harris Maurice Sluka
Chairperson: Brian Battersby
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris
Meeting called to Order at 7:43 p.m.
1. Meeting minutes from October 17, 2001 were circulated.
Motion: to accept minutes as circulated
Moved: Kane Seconded: Gil Carried
2. Treasurer’s Report
None Available
3. Correspondence
4. Old Business

  • Kane has booked a hall at UNBC for Mark Kaye’s February presentation.
  • Information from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific regarding their award system to persons worthy. Candidate: Bob Nelson
  • ACTION ITEM: Gil will pursue this ASAP. Deadline is mid December.
  • Glen was unable to provide receipts for money spent on clubhouse improvements.
  • This item is now closed.
  • It was not possible to negotiate lower phone rates with TELUS.
  • The scope has been rebalanced and the Telrad installed. Both work well.
  • The new Messier List is in place on the warm room wall.

5. New Business

  • A discussion took place regarding the outline of a member’s book that would include information relative to training required on equipment at the observatory. Once a format is worked out, executive members will provide specific information based on their expertise.
  • ACTION ITEM: Kane to work out a handbook format.
  • LIGHT POLLUTION: Maurice presented his comprehensive draft of a covenant regarding lighting restrictions for the pending subdivision on Tedford Road. It was fine-tuned at this meeting and will be sent to the BC Lands Commission. We all appreciate the amount of work that went into the creation of this draft, Maurice.
  • Nametags are required for tours and open houses.
  • ACTION ITEM: Brian to pursue this need.
  • There will be a notice in the November newsletter about not receiving a newsletter if memberships are not renewed.
  • There will be no December newsletter.
  • Building insurance ($800-$900) payment to be arranged by Paul.
  • Public events- RASC has insurance coverage available on a per event basis.
  • Astronomy Day April 28, 2002 will have a format of Sidewalk viewing. We have a few months to check out some very public spots as possible viewing locations.
  • The RASC Handbook has monthly Center deadlines, responsibilities, etc listed. We’ll have to keep on top of this.
  • ACTION ITEM: Glen to send in January 2002 the RASC a list of PG Center Council members and a brief (700 words maximum) report of activities.
  • Virus scanner required.
  • ACTION ITEM: Brian to burn a copy on CD.
  • Printer drivers required:
  • ACTION ITEM: Gil to install.
  • Canfor requires a receipt for the fence posts.
  • ACTION ITEM: Glen to send receipt and covering letter.
  • Building Director heading to be removed from the newsletter.
  • Maurice will do Constellation of the month for November.
  • Kane will do Constellation of the month for January.

***Thanks to Brian and Kane, for the coffee and Timbits.***

Motion to adjourn: Brian
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.