2001-09-26 AGM,

Minutes of PGAS Annual General Meeting – September 26, 2001

Meeting Hosted By: Brian Battersby
Members Attending: Peter Wyper, Brian Battersby, Rod Frith, Gerhard Bierman, Art Beaumont, Glen Harris, Kane Sanders, Ken Bilski, Gil Self
Location: McCloud 9 Eatery
Start Time: 8:00 pm
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Warm Room:
A work bee to winterize the room was set for September 30,2001

  • Paul R. was absent. Brian said he thought there was about $700 in the regular account with another $170 in cash not deposited.
  • Reg. Account (approx): $700
  • Gaming Account (approx): $0
  • Cash (approx): $170
  • Total (approx) $870

Video Cassette:
At the last exec meeting it was decided to order the video “A Guide to the Celestial Sphere” at a cost of about $25 plus tax & shipping. Brian has placed the order but the charges have not shown up on his credit card yet. He will look into weather or not the order was placed correctly.
Art B brought up the idea of putting padlocks on the metal cabinets to keep people out during public events. He suggested buying some locks that he saw at the Bay for $2.50 each and donated $5.00 for the purchase. (ADDITION: On Sept 29 Brian B bought and installed the locks.)
The attending membership nominated and elected the following executive positions for the 2001 – 2002 year. Paul Roberts indicated he would stand for Treasurer if nominated prior to the meeting as he was out of town on business.
President: Brian Battersby
Vice-President: Gil Self
Secretary: Glen Harris
Treasurer: Paul Roberts
Members at Large: Kane Sanders, Peter Wyper and Rob Frith
So far tours have been set for October 10, 12 and 26
A work-bee was set for September 30, 2001 at around noon to fix up the Warm Room.
Rezoning Application:
Regional District of Fraser-Fort George: Sent us a letter notifying us about a rezoning application just up the road from us. Brian penned a response and sent it off to them.
Basic Astrophotography Presentation:
Rob Frith gave a talk on different ways to due basic astrophotography including, star trails, tripod shots, piggyback camera method and prime focus astrophotography. He showed several excellent slides that he took himself using the methods described.
Meeting Adjourned: 9:30 pm