Minutes of PGAS General Meeting – April 25, 2001

Meeting Hosted By: Gil Self
Number Attending: 8 members
Start Time: 8:00 pm
There was a quick work-bee from 6:00pm to 8:00pm prior to the meeting.
Read previous minutes/ agenda.
Washrooms / Holding Tank Installation:
The water system was finished being put together tonight all that is left is some electrical work on the pump and to fill the system with water.
Dark Sky Activism:
Paul had to put off his meeting with Don Z. because Paul is going out of town.
Bob N emailed the RASC and received a response. They want to know what our rates will be. The standard is $40.00 for a regular membership and $25 for youth. They also want us to send them a list of our executive. In order to be on the executive we must all be members of the RASC i.e. we need to send in our membership fees once we set the amount. Bob N will send another email to the RASC and ask what percentage of the money we collect for dues goes to the RASC and what percentage stays with us.
Bob N received a reply to his last email. The dues are split 60/40 with the RASC ie. The RASC gets 60% of what we collect and we get 40%. We need to finalize what the dues will be set at and get it off to the RASC. We will probably add $4.00 to the fee so we can maintain $20 per member coming into the clubs funds. So it looks like next years dues will be $44.00 per person. The student rate would remain at the RASC level of $25.00 The executive members need to join the RASC soon.
Security/ Alarm:
Gil still needs to look into the alarm situation.
Nothing new – still waiting for washrooms

  • Paul R. gave a brief report of the finances. Breakdown as follows:
  • Reg. Account (approx): $1,650
  • Gaming Account: $29
  • Cash (approx): $20
  • Total (approx) $1,699
  • Paul thinks there is about $200 in liabilities.


  • Roof- The roofer that Gil had talked to should have come out by now to repair the roof. Hopefully it won’t leak anymore. If it does Gil will talk to the guy again.
  • Warm Room – we’re are “well on the way”. A friend of Gils will hopefully be able to put the monitor shelf in. All that is left after that is the heat, floor, and door.


  • Matt C and others got the printer working
  • Matt is working on the high-speed network & following that will get the dial up server working.
  • Paul R phoned Borealis to ask them about the website but he couldn’t get through to his contact, Clayton. He’ll try again.


  • Tours: – after the booked tours are over no more will be booked until the fall. It is simply too light out now in the evening.
  • At the meeting in May we will ask people to sign up for the fall Open House schedule.

New Grant Application:
Paul and Bob will meet Thursday to write up the Grant Application.
Next month is the last issue for the year – get your articles in soon!
Star Party:
Brian B brought up the idea of holding a Star Party this year in August or September. The site suggested by the members at the meeting was Canoe Mountain. Canoe Mountain is about a four-hour drive. The summit is about 9,000 feet. Should be nice dark skies their. Bob N also suggested that we invite our friends in the Edmonton RASC center to come along.
We will have a work-bee in May sometime. More info will follow via emailing the members.
Newspaper Column:
Matt C. would like to see a weekly column in the Citizen focusing on astronomy events, constellations, etc. He will start writing some this summer. It was suggested that there is not enough time before the fall (the best time to start a column) to write up enough material. So interested members should shoot for a start date of August/ September of 2002. If the newspaper won’t run the articles then Gil could definitely use them in the newsletter!
Constellation of the Month:
Bob N gave a detailed tour of the constellations Corona Borealis, Hercules and Lyra. Focusing mainly on the interesting variable stars in each. The talk included a brief explanation on the different types of variable stars and how they behave.
Meeting Adjourned: 9:45 pm