Minutes of PGAS General Meeting – Feb 28, 2001

Meeting Hosted By: Gil Self
Number Attending: 13 members
Start Time: 7:35 pm
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Constitutional Change:
Paul R and Bob N will/ are taking care of the constitutional change required by gaming. Gil will advise on the format of the wording as he has experience. (The change is who gets the clubs assets when/ if we fold.)
Washrooms / Holding Tank Installation:

  • The weight to the shut off alarm still needs to be installed.
  • Gil is still talking to Jon about installing the freshwater. (see previous minutes for more details)
  • The lid to the tank still needs to be locked in some manner to prevent vandalism.
  • Bob K has finished installing the sink.

Dark Sky Activism:
Paul R. set the meeting date for March 7 at the CNC at 7:30pm
Security/ Alarm:
Paul R. tried to get some information from the security company but found out that Gil is the only one currently able to access the alarm information as he is the only person on their contact list.
Bob N will email his contact in the RASC as nothing has been heard from them regarding our application to join.
Will start Saturday March 3 – rain or shine – 8:00pm

  • Paul R. gave a brief report of the finances. Breakdown as follows:
  • Reg. Account (approx): $?
  • Gaming Account: $?
  • Cash (approx): $?
  • Total (approx) $2,290
  • Brian B found message of the answering machine from Quesnel Hi-Ab Service. In the message they said the club owe them $428.00 for transporting the tank up from Quesnel. Gil will contact them and figure out what is going on as the executive thought the bill was paid.

New Members:
Two new members joined the club: Glen Harris & Matt Carter

  • Gil is not going to put the modem into the computer in the classroom after all, as it will be useless once the server is up and running.
  • The club wants to upgrade to a 10/100 hi-speed network
  • Computer slide show – Klaus can/ will make a slide projector controller for the computer when we give him the specs.
  • Newtonian Secondary – Bob N has it almost finished.

Nothing new – still waiting for washrooms.

  • Open Houses start March 2 and run until the last Friday in May. Gil passed around a sign up sheet for volunteers to run the open houses.
  • Members Night also starts march 3 and runs every Saturday night until the end of May – weather permitting.

Web Page:

  • Borealis Internet sent the club a letter explaining that we will start being charged a fee of $15.00 per month for them to host the web site.
  • The executive will see if there is somewhere else we could have the site hosted for free. The College of New Caledonia is a possibility as well as Spee-Dee Printers (once they get their server hooked up).
  • Gil is working on writing up a schedule of events to be added to the web site. This will give dates of known club events and yearly sky events such as meteor showers.

Bob N has supplied Brian B with the copy to create a plaque to the CNC noting their contributions to making the telescope.
A work-bee was scheduled for March 10th. Members will be asked to attend via email. Items to be completed: work on water system, the “warm room” needs to be painted, take out the “junk” trash.
Constellation of the Month:
Rob F gave a presentation on Leo noting several interesting galaxies.
Group Tours:
Paul R. talked about his first experience in helping out at a group tour. He enjoyed it but brought up some things that the club should improve on most notably a better presentation for small children.
Ryan Unruh:
A work experience student from College Heights Secondary gave an excellent presentation on Hubble’s Constant. He researched it himself.
Meeting Adjourned: 10:00 pm