Minutes of PGAS Executive Meeting – Jan 17, 2001

Meeting Hosted By: Bob Nelson
Attending Executive: Gil Self, Brian Battersby, Steve Senger, Paul Roberts
Attending Committee Chairs: Bob Klick
Absent: Rob Frith
Start Time: 7:45 pm
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Washrooms / Holding Tank Installation:

  • The inside seam of the tank was sealed with tar.
  • The weight to the shut off alarm still needs to be installed.
  • Gil has been talking to Jon about the fresh water tank. Gil has set a deadline for the end of the week for Jon to get him the materials. If Jon doesn’t then Gil will make a list of the needed items and hand it over to Bob Klick. Bob will purchase from a supplier he knows to get a good price. The executive gave its okay to spending a couple of hundred dollars in order to get the necessary materials as needed.
  • The lid to the tank still needs to be locked in some manner to prevent vandalism.
  • Bob K will go out in the next 10 days and install the sink and toilet. He will also put the baseboard up.
  • The Jan 31, 2001 completion date is still to have the water/ sewage system up and working is still in effect.

Dark Sky Activism:
Paul R. will call a meeting of interested members to decide what the objectives of the group will be. One first thought is to get city council out for a tour/ meeting.
N.O.V.A. – New Observers to Visual Astronomy
Rob F. has an article regarding NOVA prepared for the next Pegasus issue.
New Grant Application:

  • Last years grant is spent.
  • Must make an application for a new grant.
  • A “wish list” of items needed by the club still needs to be made.
  • List so far: Deck, SVGA Projector, Software, Club Laptop, Hands-on science displays for the classroom and noise reduction for the classroom, viewing deck, finish parking lot, computer operated slide projector show, motorized drive system to open & close dome/ rotate, new CCD camera (buy a used one?), upgrade the network to high speed (10/100), buy a custom built professional drive for the scope, new worm gear for scope, new mount for scope (inverted fork design), Hire a design consultant to come up with a plan to modify the scope – Bob suggests brining in someone from the D.A.O. to this end.
  • The executive would like to make a 5-10 year plan for the building, telescope and classroom.

B.C. Society Act Annual Report:
Paul Roberts will submit the report on Jan 18, 2001.
Brian B sent the letter to the RASC requesting the PGAS become a RASC Center.
Building Coordinator:
Bob K has accepted the position of Building Coordinator. (Thank you!)

  • Gil S. still needs to look into the false alarms although; there hasn’t been any for a while.
  • The security company should be able to provide info on which alarm has been set off so we can fix the problem.
  • Gil will also ask the security company who is on the emergency contact list.

Borrowing of Equipment:
Sign out books have been posted in the observatory. When members take equipment and resources are required to right down when they took it, where they took it and when they will bring it back. For major items (telescopes and accessories) Brian B must be phoned.
Parking Lot:
The club needs to put up markers to show where people can park. –not done yet.
New Members Handbook:
Brian B has started on the book. So far a rough outline has been created. Bob N will be forwarding his best collection of shareware astronomy software to include on the CD-Rom.
Reg. Account: $3,156.36
Gaming Account: $- 428.24
Total: $3,114.12 (Paul shouldn’t this be $2,728.12 ?)
Gaming/ Financial Report:
To be completed by Saturday, Jan 20, 2001 by Paul Roberts.

  • Paul R. reports there are currently 20 paid members.
  • Steve S. will write up a notice for the next newsletter asking for the payment of outstanding dues. He will forward it to Brian B to be printed and inserted when the newsletter is put together.

Group Tours:

  • Due to a recent unexpectedly small donation after a group tour a rate system will be implemented. For tours of 15 or less a fee of $30.00 will be charged for each person over 15 an additional $2.00 will be added.
  • Brian B will create a list of 5 or 6 people to serve as tour hosts. Likely candidates are: Steve S, Gil S, Bob N, Jon & Jean B. Brian P will also be approached.
  • A list of apprentice host/ helpers will also be created so we can have enough help & security at the tours as well as train future hosts. Brian will ask for volunteers at the next meeting.


  • Gil will install the modem he has into the classroom computer.
  • Newtonian secondary work is proceeding. Bob N is meeting with Claus in the next few days to work out an electronic control for flipping the new secondary mirror.
  • At Gil’s request Bob N will also ask Claus if he can design a circuit to enable 3 slide projectors to receive audio/ advance from a computer to enable a computer controlled slide show presentation. The idea would be to have a slide show run itself without the need for a club member to speak.
  • Matthew Burke has added Bob N’s new article on what you can do in astronomy to the web site. The article includes numerous www links to sites discussed in the article.


  • Bob K suggests not developing the room at the end of the hall into anything more than storage so the club will be able to keep the option of expanding the building to the east.
  • Paul R gave Brian B water tokens for the cooler at the observatory. Brian will take the empty bottles when he goes out to the Jan 18 group tour and return them at the next group tour, Jan 26.

Next Meeting:
Steve S will do the constellation of the month. Orion.
Gil S will include a schedule of events in the newsletter. It will consist of meeting dates, times, location as well as things like yearly meteor showers. He will forward a copy to Brian B to be used in the new members handbook.

  • Paul R. expressed an interest in representing the club at the next General Assembly of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. At the meeting the PGAS will hopefully be voted into the R.A.S.C.
  • Paul R. would like the date of the General Assembly printed in the newsletter and members encouraged to attend.
  • Paul R . would like to offer the opportunity to PGAS members to purchase a R.A.S.C. calendar. A notice will be placed in the next newsletter and the order will be placed following the January meeting.

Meeting Adjourned: 10:00 pm