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Minutes of PGAS Executive Meeting – Dec 20, 2000

Meeting Hosted By: Bob Nelson
Attending Executive: Gil Self, Brian Battersby, Steve Senger, Rob Frith
Absent: Paul Roberts

Start Time: 7:35 pm

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Washrooms / Holding Tank Installation:

  • The holding tank has been hydro tested, inspected and buried. The inspector requires us to seal the inside seam of the tank with tar and add a weight to the shut off alarm.
  • Jon B’s dad has the plan and materials to install the water tanks.
  • The lid to the tank should also be locked in some manner to prevent vandalism.
  • The executive set the date of Jan 31, 2001 to have the water/ sewage system up and working.

Slide Projector:
Due to lack of funds the slide projector has not been picked up from Spee-Dee Printers pending the payment of the washrooms/ holding tank.

Dark Sky Activism:
Paul R. is still interested but currently unavailable.

N.O.V.A. – New Observers to Visual Astronomy
Rob F. will have a program ready for March 2001.

New Grant Application:

  • Last years grant is spent.
  • Must make an application for a new grant.
  • A “wish list” of items needed by the club still needs to be made.
  • List so far: Deck, SVGA Projector, Software, Club Laptop, Hands-on science displays for the classroom and noise reduction for the classroom.
  • The executive would like to make a 5-year plan for the building, telescope and classroom.



  • Steve Senger gave report on finances. It should be noted that Paul R is the treasurer and Steve did not have the exact information available. Breakdown as follows:
  • Reg. Account: $3,000.00 approx.
  • Gaming Account: $3,990.00 approx
  • Total: $6,990.00 approx.
  • There is about $4834 dollars in unpaid bills for the tank and installation, BC Gas, Telus and washrooms. Gil will also need to buy some more supplies (ie. breakers)
  • Brian B submitted a bill for removing the water from the holding tank from Supreme Septic Services. The amount was $160.50. The executive issued a cheque. (Brian paid the bill on Dec 22, 2000)
  • Brian Baker gave the club a bill for his services. The executive deemed the handwritten bill unacceptable. A motion was made and passed to ask Brian Baker to submit a proper bill.

Financial Report:
Paul R must submit the Financial Report to the Gaming Commission.

Society Annual Report:
The societies annual report must be completed. Bob N in charge.

Building Coordinator:
Bob K has been asked to be the Building Coordinator. He has not accepted or declined at this time.

Classroom Noise:
The executive decided to look into some sort of sound reduction device in the classroom to reduce the echos and noise. Some ideas: curtains, pads for the chairs and sound absorbing sheets of material. This should be priced out and figured into the new grant.

Parking Lot:
The club needs to put up markers to show where people can park.


  • The executive decided to look into getting educational videos describing basic astronomy concepts to aid in NOVA.
  • Rob F requested a finder scope be added to the 10” Dob.

Borrowing of Equipment:
Brian B will be in charge of keeping track of the clubs equipment. Signs and sign out books will be posted in the observatory. When members take equipment and resources they will be required to right down when they took it, where they took it and when they will bring it back. For major items (telescopes and accessories) Brian B must be phoned.

New Members Handbook:
The executive discussed the creation of a handbook to give to new members. The book will include such items as: observers log, sky charts, WWW links, free software (HALLO Northern Sky and others), list of key holders and phone numbers, open house schedule, members night schedule, basic observing techniques, suggested clothing, how to observe using binoculars. Brian B is in charge of this project.

Observing Deck:
Gil brought forward the idea of the deck again. It will be factored into the money requested in the new grant. Gil will work on drawing up some plans. The general idea is to have isolated piers, binocular viewing stations, benches and power on an elevated deck to help see over the trees and feel safer from animals.

Group Tours:
On Jan 12 a group of students from Houston will be coming down for a tour. Steve S, Rob F, Jon & Jean B and Brian B will all help out. The classroom needs to be cleaned before then.

Bob N. brought up the idea of approaching companies and asking for a small $100 donation. We would publish the names of the contributors in the newsletter and put a logo on the wall.

Gil S will look into the false alarms although; there hasn’t been any for a while.

Brian B will draft a letter to be mailed to the RASC requesting the PGAS become a RASC center.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30 pm