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Minutes of PGAS General Meeting – Nov 29, 2000

Meeting Hosted By: Gil Self
Number Attending: 12 members
Start Time: 7:40 pm

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  • If it joined the PGAS would become officially affiliated next fall. Subject to approval by the R.A.S.C.
  • If it joined the PGAS will offer new members a $10 introductory fee for their 1st year.
  • Once it joins the club members will receive the publications of the R.A.S.C.
  • Motion by Bob K. to join the R.A.S.C. (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)
  • Seconded by Fred V.
  • Motion to join R.A.S.C. – passed. – No Contrary Minded.

Washrooms / Holding Tank Installation:

  • Tank has been installed – Thanks to Jon B. for his hard work!
  • Some more plumbing work inside the building going to the tank is required. Gil S. is looking after.
  • Gil S & Jon B have installed flow alarm in the tank. This prevents the tank from over filling.
  • The possibility exists of needing to do a “water test” before the tank in covered up as part of the Reg. District inspection. Jon B & Gil S will look after if this is necessary.
  • Once Reg. District inspects the tank it can be buried – hopefully sometime in the first week of December.
  • Bob K. brought up concerns about the plumbing in the washrooms. He will go out on Saturday (Dec 2) to inspect and make recommendations. Bob K will also try and locate a free piece of lino to cover the washroom floor with.

Slide Projector:
Slide Projector has been ordered as per Nov 15 Exec Meeting. Cost $660 + tax. Thank you to Spee-Dee Printers for selling it to us at cost.

Dark Sky Activism:

  • Paul R. will chair.
  • Gil S. passed over the information he had collected to date to Paul R.
  • The 1st objective of the Dark Sky committee will be to ask council to pass a by-law requiring all new buildings to conform to Dark Sky lighting standards.

N.O.V.A. – New Observers to Visual Astronomy
Rob F. will chair this project. Brian B. will assist.



  • Paul R. gave report on finances. A complete handout was provided to attending members. Breakdown as follows:
  • (Oct 1, 1999 to Sept 30, 2000):
  • Reg. Account: $1,630,55 – $2,401.23
  • Gaming Account: $17,278.69 – $5,268.58
  • Total: $18,909.24 – $7,669.81
  • Oct. 2000 was not included in report. Gil S. reported that approximately $700 was spent on items relating to the washrooms and holding tank installation in October. This is out of the gaming account. The tank and contractor have no dollar figure as of yet.

Bob N. is in charge of the new flip mirror Newtonian system. It should be completed within a couple of months.

Christmas Party:
Paul R. brought forward the idea of having a Christmas Party. Not much interest was shown. Due to the late date we will not have a Christmas party this year. It was a good idea. Next year we will try and get it going earlier.

Computer Server:
Paul R. & Matthew B. will get the new server up and running for remote access to the PGAO network as soon as they can.


  • Still looking for a chairperson to step forward.
  • Bob N. brought up the idea of approaching companies and asking for a small $100 donation. We would publish the names of the contributors.
  • Club should use the observatory to raise funds. I.e. Have a company come out for an evening and at the end donate. This will be more feasible once the washrooms are complete.
  • Fred V. reinitiated discussion of letting UNBC use the scope as part of their Astronomy course. Club members were worried about possible damage and loss of use of the facilities. No plans for approaching UNBC were made or for further discussion.

Observing Director:

  • Brian B. will chair this position.
  • Members Nights will run Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, March, April, May & possibly into June.
  • Scope Bookings – club members can call Brian B. to book the scope for a given night.
  • Those without keys can also book the scope. Brian B will coordinated with a key holding member to accompany them. Call Brian B @ 564-4789 or email:
  • Blackburn Secondary would like one or more members to participate in their Health & Leisure day. No members accepted the offer at the meeting. Brian B will continue to try and find a member(s) to go.
  • Twain Sullivan Elementary from Houston will most likely make a trip down in December or January as part of their school curriculum. Brian B will coordinate.

Web Page:
Matthew B. has updated the site. However the club needs a member to maintain the site on a regular basis if you can help contact Gil Self.

Judy Wyper volunteered to chair this new position. If any members have any newspaper clipping, photos etc. to do with the club please pass them on to Judy so she can archive them.

Bob N will supply Brian B with logos and copy so he can create plaques to thank major contributors and founding members.

A work-bee to install tank and finish washrooms will be held on Saturday, Dec. 2 at 1:00 pm. A sign up sheet was passed around the meeting.


Constellation of the Month:
Brian B gave a presentation about the constellation Auriga. Bob N suggested that members could use constellation star charts and pictures, like the one of Auriga used in the presentation to hone their star recognition skills in the winter months.

Baffling a Telescope:
Bob N gave a presentation showing his method of determining where to place baffles in a telescope tube. He also discussed why baffles are needed. A handout describing his method was given to attending members.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:45 pm


Minutes of PGAS Executive Meeting – Nov 15, 2000

Meeting Hosted By: Gil Self
Attending Executive: Gil Self, Paul Roberts, Brian Battersby, Steve Senger, Rob Frith
Absent: Bob Nelson

Start Time: 7:40 pm

Read previous minutes/ agenda.


Washrooms / Holding Tank Installation:

  • Paul R. phoned Jon B. to get details of what has been accomplished so far – Jon will phone back.
  • The Executive voted to pay for the tank as soon as it is know what the cost is (Unanimous).
  • The Executive agreed to ask Mr. Baker to dig the hole for tank. Gil will contact him.
  • The Executive gave themselves the deadline of Sat. Nov 25 to install the tank.

Slide Projector:
Executive has decided to go ahead and buy the slide projector with the money that Xerox donated for that purpose. The money is in the General Account. Brian B will check with Spee-Dee Printers & Office Products to see about getting a good price.

Dark Sky Activism:
Paul R. will get on it as soon as possible. Brian B & Gil S. will help him out.

N.O.V.A. – New Observers to Visual Astronomy
Rob F. and Brian B. will take on this project.



  • Steve Senger gave report on finances. Breakdown as follows:
  • Reg. Account: $2,401.23
  • Gaming Account: $5,268.58
  • Total: $7,669.81

General Meeting:
Decided Gil S. will chair next meeting, Brian will do Const. Of month – Auriga.

New Grant Application:
Decided Executive and General Members will brainstorm to make a new list of items desired to apply for a new grant. Members will be asked to submit their ideas via email & Newsletter.

Christmas Party:
Paul R. brought forward the idea of having a Christmas Party at an as yet undecided location, preferably PGAO if tank and water is installed.

Computer Server:
Paul R. will get the new server up and running for remote access to the PGAO network.


  • The Executive has decided to fundraising in the following ways; Donation Jar and Group Tours with emphasis on clubs such as Rotary.
  • Gil S. will include a piece in the newsletter asking for a Chairperson to step forward.

Group Tours:
The club needs a new Tour Coordinator. Gil S. will include a request for a person to step forward next general meeting.

Paul R. brought up an idea for video surveillance monitored by members via the internet.

Dues are due. This fact will be included in the next general meeting agenda & a notice in newsletter.

The Executive decided to review our insurance policy. Paul R. in charge.


  • The incoming Treasurer, Paul Roberts made a motion to accept the financial statements as presented by the exiting Treasurer, Steve Senger and absolve the incoming Treasurer of any responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be present.
  • Seconded by: Rob Frith.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:30 pm