Monthly Archives: February 1993

PeGASus Newsletter Issue #33 – Feb. 1993

Hello, everyone!! Well, we have a lot of news and a lot of things going on. In fact, we have been so busy that we did not get a chance to get the newsletter out in time. Therefore, this newsletter is being handed out at the meeting 93 Feb 24 and mailed out to those who could not attend.


Well, there is not a lot of progress since the last newsletter, mostly because much of what had to be done is done. Since we talked last, we have fabricated and installed the steps from the entrance-way to the observing floor and installed the boxes for the light switches, receptacles and lights.


The College electrical class is scheduled to complete the wiring. After that, we can install the insulation and mount the drywall. The building is then largely complete. Of course, we have to make the shelving and finish the basement, but that can come later.

The really important thing is now to get the telescope operational. We have to rotate it, raise it and fill in the pier (this is embarrassing – the pier was made too short). However, we feel that this can be accomplished and the general layout will be what we want. After that, we have to modify the telescope to accept the new secondary, install optics, and precisely align the telescope. The dome can use more work as well.


Well, it happened. We have tentative approval for the PeGASus project. This is the $25,000 proposal to the Ministry of Higher Education to set up tours for the general public this summer (including the hiring of two students for July and August). This will allow us to purchase much equipment and really complete our observatory. However, it and the classroom addition must be ready by July 1. We have to really work to make it happen. For this reason, the directors of the society will be attempting to delegate as many of the tasks as possible to various members. If we have contacted you and you wish to help, please let Ted or Bob know. More details will be (were) presented at the meeting.