Covering Letter

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada: Prince George Centre

Proposed Light pollution By-law for the City of Prince George

City of Prince George, Development Services

The Society would like to participate in the formation of a committee for the development of a functional light pollution by-law. Enclosed a draft by-law developed by the Society to aid the City of Prince George to address this issue. This draft by-law has been discussed with Lane Logan P. Eng. of NRS Engineering.

This draft By-law addresses the Society’s concerns with the sky glow from light pollution caused by outdoor lighting within the City of Prince George.

Our goal is to improve the quality of lighting thus reducing the wasted light and energy consumption from poorly designed and or installed outdoor lighting. There are many additional benefits of controlled efficient light besides power savings, such as improved visual safety for drivers and pedestrians and the positive health effects are maintaining natural circadian rhythms (sleep cycle) and not reducing the levels of melatonin. These harmful effects to health have been illustrated by medical studies.

The motivation and fringe benefit for the Society is reducing sky glow, preserving, and protecting the night sky for current and future citizens of Prince George.

We have also attached preferred lighting suggestions, reference materials covering outdoor lighting, and health and safety information. Also enclosed are copies of similar by-laws in Canada and the United States.

Thank you for you co-operation in this matter, I look forward to hearing from you.

Maurice Sluka
Director of Light Pollution Committee
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Prince George Centre
Telephone 564-7285 (day) 563-3337 (evening)