Phases of the Moon

by Robin Riordan

The Moon goes around the Earth about once a month, but not exactly once a month. The Moon moves through the sky about 12.5 degrees per day. During this time the angle between the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon changes. This causes the amount of light reflected from the Moon toward the Earth to change. We see this as a differently shaped Moon throughout the month. This change in the appearance of the Moon is called the Phases of the Moon.

For this activity you will make a drawing of the phase of the Moon on the worksheet(s) provided. Now this is going to take some patience because you can only make one drawing per day. Also, there will be some times when the Moon rises so late that you will probably be asleep. Sometimes the Moon will be in the west. Other times it will be in the east. So, you have to look around. Draw as many pictures as you can during the month. At the end of the month draw in the missing phases with what you think they should be. Be sure to write down the date (not day) and time of your observation.

Hey, maybe hand this in to your science teacher for some EXTRA CREDIT!