Local Observing Sites

Below is a list of observing sites used by Prince George Centre members. All sites listed are accessible to the general membership although you may need to make arrangements to access them.

Site: Reid Lake Observatory
Name: Wayne Sanders
Location: 5070 Degner Road
Directions: I will put my locations up for use of members. At my home, permanent pier with LX90 polar aligned, with photo equipment, fold off roof observatory somewhat restricted to 25 degrees and above in all directions some can get down to 10 degrees. To my north, 1/4 mile, I have a large hill to the north with -2 degree elevations to the south and west, 7 degree to the north depending on set up location east is about 15-18 degrees the road is usable for a great part of the year by 2 wheel drive vehicles some time 4 wheels are needed. Access is not public so a phone call would be required to get permission to use. Also might be a idea to phone in the winter so I can get the road plowed out. There is room to pitch tents, campers and so on. Would even be a good site for a star party! Location is about 3 miles south of the Ness Lake area Lat and Long 53.58 North 123.05 West. My phone number is 1-250-967-4401. Would find it a pleasure to observe with any and all members any night of the week. Wayne Sanders.

Site: Hill behind Art Knapps
Name: Doug Wayland
Location: Hwy. 16 West
Directions: A site I use mainly for planetary viewing is the hill above Art Knapps on Highway 16 west. You just turn right at Art Knapps and go around the corner past the storage compound. Once around the corner look to your right and you will see a path leading up the hill. You can’t drive up, but if your equipment is light weight, you can easily pack it up. If you go all the way to the top, there are excellent horizons all the way around 360 degrees. But being so close to town, it is not a real dark sky site. It is excellent for planetary viewing to the west at sunset. It is private land that was cleared several years back for a housing development, but for some reason never went ahead. I think the owners of the Blue Spruce Campground at the end of the road own it now. A lot of people use the area for walking their dogs etc. I don’t think there is a problem using it for viewing once in awhile. It is handy for sure.

Site: Moores Meadow
Name: Brian Battersby
Location: 1st Ave, between Tabor Blvd. and Foothills Blvd.
Directions: An easy 100m walk from the road to the top of a small hill just off of the 1st avenue access to Moores Meadow. The height of the hill helps reduce the effect of the street lights. Not an extremely dark site but reasonable considering it is in the bowl area. Good southern and northern views. East looks towards downtown and west has a reduced view due to the proximity of Cranbrook hill. A good site to view brighter tagets from within town. Messier objects are visible.