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2000-10-25 AGM

Minutes of PGAS Meeting – Oct 25, 2000

Meeting Hosted By: Gil Self

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RASC – we took an informal poll of the members attending if they support joining the RASC. Out of 14 members 13 voted yea and 1 voted undecided.


Elections were called. Results as follows:
Pres. Bob Nelson
Vice Pres. Gil Self
Secretary. Brian Battersby
Treasurer. Paul Roberts
Mem @ Large Rob Frith
Mem @ Large Steve Senger

Steve Senger stepped down as treasurer. Club thanked Steve for all his hard work in the position in the last few years. Well done Steve!

Brian B is unable to hold Members Night this coming Saturday (Oct 28, 2000) as he has to work.

Work Bee scheduled for Oct 28 is cancelled due to Gil and Brian being unable to attend.


  • Gil showed a multimedia presentation made by former (now unattached) member Orla Aquaist. Orla sang astronomy related folk music and played guitar set to a fun powerpoint presentation.
  • Bob Nelson gave his presentation originally intended for the AAVSO on the accuracy of different methods of plotting variable star light curves. His final recommendation: Use several different methods to average out the inherit inaccuracies of each individual method.
  • Matthew Burke presented the free planetarium software Hallo Northern Sky. The software can be downloaded for free at The program is able to use several catalogues, including GSC, and customizable pointing circles to display the field of view of finder scopes, and eyepieces. For a free program it is very powerful. He also showed off his Starry Night Backyard software. It doesn’t have the capability to show tons of stars but, it gives good overall sky charts and excellent animation of the inner solar system. You can download a trial version (works the same as the full version except you can only use it for 15 days) at