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Addressed the problem of the 24″ scope tracking when power is initially applied.
Solution: disabled Autotracking in the Servo Config Utility and SiTech Ascom driver.
ServoConfig1.3/Edit Parameters/Autotracking/Equatorial Parameters/Use Equatorial Mode (unclicked)
File saved as ServoConfig1.3/Misc and Action/Save This Configuration to File/
V0.90K/Config/Change Config!/Parms/Track on Start (unclicked)
File saved as V0.90K/Config/Change Config/Misc/Save Backup Config File/20120822.cfg



Adjusted all finderscopes. Confirmed proper operation of the 8″ Celestron telescope and Mallincam, and located a few deep sky objects. Adjusted the Mallincam camera settings accordingly. Although the 8″ Celestron collimation and focus appear to be OK, the stars are not as pinpoint as those previously viewed with the 6″ refractor. Determined that a new failure to properly slew to the correct position in the sky was due to an error with the local time settings in TheSky6 planetary program. Deleted the TPoint model and began creating a new one until clouds stopped us. There are 3 or 4 stars entered into the TPoint model presently, and slewing is accurate. It was interesting to note that even though there was 100% cloud cover with no stars visible to the naked eye, a 56 second Mallincam exposure captured M13. Amazing!

Glen and Mike


The new JMI focuser wouldn’t screw onto the back of the orange 8″ Celestron, so the focuser was installed on the black 8″ Celestron. The Mallincam, 10mm spacer, and MFR5 focal reducer were then added and using the new mounting plate, the black 8″ Celestron was piggybacked onto, and then aligned to the 24″. The focuser was checked for proper electrical and manual operation. It was noted that the black Celestron OTA is dented in a couple of places. The orange Celestron was installed on the CG5 mount. The 24″ telescope was not rebalanced at this time, as it appeared to operate properly through the areas of the sky (east through the south to northwest) we were viewing in.

Glen and Mike M.