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Removed the west end 2′ culvert extension and collar which was totally encased in concrete. Cleaned the gravel and silt out of the existing culvert. We screwed the new 10′ length of culvert into the existing culvert and reused the old collar but did a minimum amount of backfilling.

Glen and Mike M.


Relocated the drainage ditch and profiled the road ditches in preparation for placing the culverts and collars on Sept 17. The material from the new drainage ditch was used to fill the old drainage ditch. As a result, it will be possible to drive a vehicle around the gate until a new section of fence is installed. There may be a problem attaching the west culvert extension to the old culvert. There is a concrete cap on the existing west end and an orange tarpaulin is wrapped around it. Look at the interior of the culvert, it appears that the culvert has been butchered and a collar and 2′ culvert extension that don’t line up with the main culvert have been added The inside of the east end of the culvert has about a 6″ deep deposit of clay, mud and gravel accumulation that will need to be removed with a hoe or similar implement.



Weedwhacked the observatory grounds and ditch. Wire brushed away the loose paint on the brick mortar in preparation for painting.

Glen and others


Removed the remainder of the gravel from the viewing deck and filled in the parking lot low spots. Removed the brush from the ditch and around the driveway culvert.

Glen and many others