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March 2008


Photographer: Doug Wayland
Object: Lunar Eclipse
Date: February 20, 2008
Details: Canon 35mm FTbN camera loaded with Kodak Ultra Max 400 film attached to prime focus of Meade 8″ SCT. The exposure time was approximately 8 seconds. Photo was taken at about 20:10 PST as the moon was coming out of Earth’s umbral shadow.

October 2007


Photographer: Doug Wayland
Object: Thin Crescent Moon
Date: October 8, 2007 06:15
Details: Thought you might be interested in this photo I took the morning of Oct 8, 2007 at 06:15. This was 35 mm camera at prime focus of ETX 90, Kodak Ultra Max 400 film. It was about 10 sec exposure, which was too short, I had to have the photo lab brighten it up. I tried some longer exposures to about 30 sec, which was right, but the ETX’s imperfect tracking caused the image to be blurred, so I took this shorter exposure and had it brightened. Clouds prevented me from getting a photo of the close conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Saturn the morning before.

September 2005

LX10Venus,Moon VenusMoonSetting3

Photographer: Doug Wayland
Object: Venus – Moon Conjunction
Date: August 7, 2005
Details: The shot through the fork arms of my LX10 was at 21:40, done with FTb and 200mm lens.

The shot of the duo setting into the trees was at 21:56, done with FTb at prime focus of LX10 with f6.3 focal reducer, 1 sec and cropped with Photoshop.

August 2005


Photographer: Doug Wayland
Object: Sun (Sol)
Details: The orange sun is from on July 3, 2005 and the white one was taken with my ETX 90 on the same day. The ETX shot was with a Baader astro-solar filter, 1/250 sec, Canon Ftb 35mm camera at prime focus.

May 2005


Photographer: Doug Wayland
Object: Horesehead Nebula
Details: 35mm Canon FTb at prime focus of LX10 with f6.3 focal reducer.It was a manually guided 40 minute exposure on Kodak Elitechrome 200. Taken Feb 26, 2005

April 2005


Photographer: Doug Wayland
Object: South Celestial Pole Star Trails
Details: I set my 35mm camera on a small tripod and aimed near the south celestial pole. With the lens set at wide angle (35mm) and wide open (f 3.5), I locked the shutter open for 30 minutes. I succeeded in capturing a wire fence with a background of stars trailing around the pole. The lack of a bright star near the axis identifies this as the South Pole.

March 2005


Photographer: Jeff Sarrazin
Object: Moon
Details: I shot this in the fall of 2002 using an older model Nikon FE SLR coupled to my 10″ LX200 scope. I used Fuji 200 film. The photo has had no alterations.