7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2N 6S2

General Meeting Minutes

Date: February 23, 2005
Location: PGAO 7365 Tedford Road

Chairperson: Brian Battersby
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris
Executives Present: Brian, Glen, Wayne, Gil
Members Present: Maurice, Robin, Art, John Ascah, Doug, Rod, Jim Toews, Dan, Martin
Guests Present: May, Lauren

Meeting called to order at 7:38 p.m.

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
January 27, 2005 General meeting minutes
February 9, 2005 Executive meeting minutes
Motion to accept January 27, 2005 General meeting minutes as circulated.
Moved: Gil Seconded: Jim Carried

2. Treasurer’s Report:
As of February 25, 2005
Club Account Gaming Account
Total Assets $2344.36 Total Assets $96.51
Total Liabilities $37.98 Total Liabilities $0.00
Total Assets/Liabilities $2306.38 Total Assets/Liabilities $96.51

A deposit of $8500.00 was apparently made to the gaming fund on February 12, 2005 but is not included in the financial report.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.
Moved: Gil Seconded: Maurice Carried

3. Correspondence
Various RASC Centres newsletters, Gaming Grant letter, Space Technology flyer, Curtis Elite bill, BCHydro bill, Terasen statement, GST confirmation statement, RASC General Assembly application form, Bell Canada questionnaire. A letter from JPL regarding ‘NASA Space Place’ has been answered with the hope that we will soon see their articles back on our website.

4. Old Business
The scope drive power supply and 3″ finder scope mounting brackets have been repaired.

5. New Business

  • Motion: To appoint Al Whitman as this Centre’s Alternative National Representative and liaison with this Centre’s National Council Representative John Ascah for the remainder of the 2004/2005 fiscal year.
  • Moved: Rod Seconded: Art Carried
  • Al Whitman was instructed via email to vote at the February 26, 2005 National Council meeting as follows:
  • PROPOSAL #1. National council-Proposed Fee Changes and Removal of the 90-day Notice Requirement
  • We are FOR National Council being the ones to initiate membership fee changes.
  • We are AGAINST eliminating the 90 day wait period
  • PROPOSAL #2. Change the fixed 60/40 Society/ Centre Fee Distributions to a flexible distribution.
  • We are AGAINST this.
  • PROPOSAL #3. Centre Practice in the USE of Basic Surcharges
  • We are FOR this proposal.
  • PROPOSAL #4. Transparency in Reporting of Fees
  • We are FOR this proposal.
  • PROPOSAL #5. Proposed Fee Increase ($5) for 2005
  • We are FOR this proposal.
  • The NOVA program has been submitted to National. Plans are in the works to polish it up and make it available to all Centres.
  • The following Astronomy Day activities were discussed.
    • Solar and Lunar viewing/daylight observatory tours
    • Meteor detector operational
    • Hot Dogs served from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
    • Hands on workshop/ Activity from 5:00 – 7:00 pm
    • Presentation/Lecture from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    • Observing begins at 9:00 pm
  • Education/Public outreach – Robin and Brian will be meeting with Bonnie Chappel from PG School Services in early March to discuss Astronomy and the Space Science curriculum to discuss how School District 57 could publicize the services of the observatory to their schools.
  • Due to the restrictions stipulated in the Gaming document, Gil will submit additional information in an attempt to broaden the areas in which we can spend the money. At present, all $8500 must be spent on Education and Public Outreach. The original application also asked for funds for operating expenses, utilities, building repairs and maintenance, continuing technical and audio-visual improvements, and continuing property improvements to ensure public safety.
  • In order for a project to be considered for implementation, a project description, expected benefit, detailed materials and associated cost proposal must be submitted to the executive. In future, these details must be presented prior to applying for a grant.

6. Upcoming Events
February 26 Member’s night 7:30 pm Brian
March 2 Guide tour 6:30 pm Gil, Doug
March 4 Youth Day 9:00 am – Noon Robin
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Robin
March 5 Recreation Market 9:30 am – 6:00 pm at Pine Centre
NOVA Workshop 7:30 pm Brian
March 6 Recreation market Noon – 5:00 pm at Pine Centre
March 12 Messier Marathon 6:00 pm Everyone welcome
This is a potluck event so bring something to share and munch on throughout the evening

6. Upcoming Events (Cont’d)
March 19 NOVA Workshop 7:30 pm Brian
March 25 Spring Break Day 9:00 am – Noon Robin, Wayne
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Robin, Wayne
Cub Tour 7:00 pm Robin, Wayne
April 16 Astronomy Day 2:00 pm – ? Various

Open Houses
March 4 Maurice
March 11 Gil
March 18 Brian
March 25 Wayne, Robin
April 1 Gil
April 8 Bob
April 15 Brian
April 22 Robin
April 29 Maurice
May 6 Maurice
May 13 Wayne
May 20 Gil
May 27 Bob

Member’s Nights
March 5 Brian
March 12 Messier Marathon
March 19 Brian
March 26 Glen
April 2 Doug
April 9 Brian
April 16 Glen
April 23 Brian
April 30 Doug
May 7 Brian
May 14 Rod
May 21 Cancelled due to GA in Kelowna
May 28 Robin

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.