Minutes of PGAS Executive Meeting – April 19, 2001

Meeting Hosted By: Bob Nelson
Attending: Gil Self, Paul Roberts, Rob Frith and Brian Battersby

Start Time: 7:40 pm

Read previous minutes/ agenda.


Washrooms / Holding Tank Installation:

  • “Largely done” says Gil
  • Gil needs 3 more fittings… they are on order at Home Hardware
  • Gil needs to rent a crimping tool to finish it off once the fittings are here.
  • Gil has “Hiltied” the post all that is left to do in the tank is to clamp the cable and fasten the lid somehow to prevent vandalism.
  • Glen Harris hooked up the sink fittings and installed the fixtures. So the washroom is pretty much ready to go… just needs water!
  • A sign needs to be made up telling people not to waste the water and not to drink the water.

Security/ Alarm:

  • Gil still needs to look into the alarm situation.


  • Bob N emailed the RASC and received a response. They want to know what our rates will be. The standard is $40.00 for a regular membership and $25 for youth. They also want us to send them a list of our executive. In order to be on the executive we must all be members of the RASC i.e. we need to send in our membership fees once we set the amount. Bob N will send another email to the RASC and ask what percentage of the money we collect for dues goes to the RASC and what percentage stays with us.


  • Rob is working on some new material. He would very much like to purchase some resource materials to make running NOVA easier and better.


  • Nothing new – still waiting for washrooms.


General Account: $1,812.19
Gaming Account: $ 29.00

Paul has no unpaid bills in his possession. Steve Senger may have some at his house. Gil has charged about $225 dollars to Home Hardware account to finish off the water tanks.


  • Bob will get Klaus going on making a slide controller for the computer.
  • The Dial-Up Server is almost ready to go.
  • The club wants to upgrade to a 10/100 hi-speed network
  • Newtonian Secondary – Bob N’s classes are done for the year. Now that he has more free time he will get to work on finishing the secondary. He would like to install a motorized focuser on it so we can focus the CCD camera without having to take it down.
  • Internet – no bill yet from Borealis in regards to their new billing policy. Paul R knows Clayton at borealis and will ask him what is happening.
  • Digital Setting Circles – can and should be hooked up to the computer. This would enable the computer correct for errors & achieve more accurate aligning of objects in the eyepiece. Paul & Gil will work out how to kook it up to the computer… it involves freeing up a serial port in the computer by putting in a PS/2 mouse.

No more tours for this season… it is too light out.

We would like more pictures of club members doing things at the observatory. Brian will get a throw away camera to leave at the observatory so when members are out there they can snap some photos of tours, telescopes, etc.


  • Roof – Gil has talked to the roofing guy and he (the roofing guy) said he would go out and take a look to see what he could do to fix it. According to the roofer the roof should not leak even if a puddle does form.
  • Door – Bob N would like to put threaded bolts through the doorframe to enable a bar to be bolted and locked to the door. The idea being that if the door was ever knocked down in a break-in we would be able to put it back in the frame and bolt it in place to secure the building until we could get the door fixed.
  • East Corner of Building – this corner of the building needs to be finished. There is a hole in it that allows animals to get into the roof. There appears to be a nest of some kind up in the corner already and the roof seems to be buckling from the moisture getting in.

New Grant Application:

  • Bob will spearhead the effort of filling out the application.
  • The exec decided to include a request for an additional $12,000 to purchase a new more advanced CCD camera. This brings the total request on the application to $42,000. If we do not get the additional money purchasing the CCD camera will be delayed to ensure sufficient funds are available to do the original items on the “wish list” (see previous minutes)
  • Bob, Paul and whoever else wants to go will meet Thursday April 26, 2001 at the CNC to put the application together.

Dark Sky:

  • Paul’s meeting with Don Zurowski was put off for two weeks due to Mr. Zurowski’s obligations in city council. The meeting should go ahead next Thursday or Friday.
  • Paul still has not received his Dark Sky resources from the RASC.

Next Meeting:

  • Gil will run the meeting.
  • Bob will do the constellation of the month.
  • Brian B will bring a data projector, if available.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:15 pm