Minutes of PGAS General Meeting – March 28, 2001

Meeting Hosted By: Gil Self
Number Attending: 8 members

Start Time: 7:50 pm

Read previous minutes/ agenda.


Constitutional Change:
Bob has determined that a constitutional change is not necessary at this time after all.

Washrooms / Holding Tank Installation:

  • Gil needs more parts. When he gets them he will work on it on his own.
  • The weight to the shut off alarm still needs to be installed.
  • The lid to the tank still needs to be locked in some manner to prevent vandalism.

Dark Sky Activism:

  • Paul R’s meeting on March 7 went well.
  • Several Objectives of the committee were made:
  • Dark Sky committee would like to act as an advisor to new building projects to ensure Dark Sky standards are meet.
  • Have City Council pass a bylaw to control lighting.
  • Paul has arranged to meet with a City Councilor to introduce the committee and its objectives and ask for direction in how to present our ideas to council.
  • Gil & Paul will meet with him next Thursday or Friday.
  • Paul has sent for a package of Dark Sky resource materials from the RASC.

Security/ Alarm:
Gil still needs to look into the alarm situation.

Bob N got a hold of someone at the RASC. The contact sent back an email confirming our application to join was passed at the RASC’s March 10, 2001 meeting.

Nothing new – still waiting for washrooms



  • Paul R. gave a brief report of the finances. Breakdown as follows:
  • Reg. Account (approx): $1,800
  • Gaming Account: $40
  • Cash (approx): $20
  • Total (approx) $1,860
  • Quesnel Hi-Ab Service – Paul has paid them the $428.00 they billed us.
  • All bills have now been paid – there was some delay getting the bills from Steve S.


  • The Dial-Up Server is almost ready to go. Matt C and Paul R working on it.
  • The club wants to upgrade to a 10/100 hi-speed network
  • Bob will get Klaus going on making a slide controller for the computer
  • Newtonian Secondary – Bob N has it almost finished.

Nothing new – still waiting for washrooms.

There are 3 tours booked for April so far… volunteers are needed.

Rob is working on some new material.

Plaque acknowledging CNC’s contribution to the PGAS is finished.

Gil wants some help in creating a monthly schedule of events to include in the newsletter.

New Grant Application: (This was taken from the last exec meeting minutes)
The majority of this meeting was spent coming up with a list/ plan for the new grant application. We broke items into categories based on what we want right away and what we might want in the future. We had the overall goals of improving members services and improving the “quality” of members. “Quality” referring to the level of astronomical knowledge/ participation level of the membership as a whole – trying to by items to make observing fun and easy. The dollar amounts assigned are our best guess (guessing on the high side)

1 Year:
Deck – $5,000
Parking Lot – $5,000
Landscaping – $5,000
Audio Visual: Slide Projector (2) $2,000
Data Projector: $5,000
Upgrades to existing equipment: $4,000
Operating Expenses: $3,000
NOVA Teaching Materials: $1,000


3 – 5 Years:
CCD Camera (higher quality) $12,000
Mid-Size Scopes & Equipment (for use on the deck): $8,000
Display Materials & Cabinets for Classroom $10,000

10 Years & Over:
Fully Robotic Main Scope.
Second Big Scope in a Dome.

New Grant Application: (March 28, meeting)

  • Paul R recommends setting up a committee to write up the grant application.
  • Paul, Gil and Bob will be this committee.
  • Meeting April 8 – 2:00 at Paul’s house.


  • Fix leaky roof is #1 building priority this summer.
  • Bob recommends jacking up the roof to take out the offending depression.
  • Gil will talk to the roofing guys to see if they can fix it or recommend the best way to fix it.

Parking Lot:

  • Needs to be marked off better.
  • Brian B suggests making some kind of movable fence to block access to the parking in front of the dome when we are observing.


Members CD-Rom:

  • Brian B gave a short ‘show and tell’ of the Members CD-Rom. All members in attendance took a copy home. He will distribute more at the next meeting.
  • Bob N showed slides of his trip to Kitt Peak in the eighties. It was interesting to see how times have changed but stayed the same too.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:45 pm