NOVA Astronomy Course

New Observers to Visual Astronomy (NOVA) Program

Getting started in amateur astronomy can be a challenge. In an effort to make the learning curve a little easier, the RASC: Prince George Centre created the New Observers to Visual Astronomy Program.

The objective of the program is to provide new members of the RASC: Prince George Centre with basic astronomy knowledge and skills to enable them to become proficient amateur astronomers and to foster an environment wherein new members may quickly become active, participating members of the Centre.

The course is divided into nine classroom sessions which occur approximately every two weeks. The sessions are held on Saturday evenings. In between sessions students are encouraged to work on the Explore the Universe Certificate. At the completion of the course those who have met the observing requirements will be presented with their Explore the Universe certificate.

All classes start at 7:30 pm and are held at the observatory.

LESSON 1: How to Observe January 14, 2017
LESSON 2: Motion Of The Sky And Seasons January 28, 2017
LESSON 3: Maps, North, Distance, Position and Brightness February 18, 2017
LESSON 4: Telescope Types and Using Them March 4, 2017
LESSON 5: The Celestial Sphere and Deep Sky Objects March 18, 2017
LESSON 6: Moon and Eclipses, Lunar Viewing Certificate April 1, 2017
LESSON 7: Solar System April 22, 2017
LESSON 8: Stars May 6, 2017
LESSON 9: Prince George Centre Observatory Operation May 20, 2017
Annual BBQ Party. Hand out any completed Explore the Universe Certificates. TBA

COURSE FEE: ADULT $115.00     YOUTH $81   EXISTING MEMBER $36   FORMER NOVA STUDENTS FREE (Must be a member and bring your course material)
The course fee includes: One year membership in the RASC: Prince George Centre ($79 value, Youth $45), a one year subscription to Skynews magazine ($26 value), one Observers Handbook ($27.95 value), one year subscription to the RASC e-Journal, one Explore the Universe Guide ($17.95 value), one RASC Calendar ($15.95 value), a binder of course materials, star charts, an observing logbook and access to telescopes and other equipment.

REGISTRATION: Contact Mr Blair Stunder at (250) 962-2334

PICTURES: from the first NOVA Program

COURSE OUTLINE up to date detailed outline of the NOVA Program (PDF)