7365 Tedford Road
Prince George, BC
V2N 6S2

Executive Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2005

Date: March 9, 2005
Location: 490 Brunswick, St.

Chairperson: Brian Battersby
Recording Secretary: Glen Harris

Executives Present: Brian, Maurice, Robin, Wayne, Glen, Bob, Gil, Doug, Greg

Meeting Called to Order at 7:35 p.m.

1. Previous Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes from February 9, 2005 were circulated
Motion to accept minutes as circulated by: Wayne Seconded by: Maurice

2. Treasurer’s Report
Club Account Gaming Account
Total Assets $3648.19 Total Assets $8596.51
Total Liabilities $0.00 Total Liabilities $0.00
Total Assets/Liabilities $3648.19 Total Assets/Liabilities $8596.51

3. Correspondence
Cheque from RASC HQ, Telus bill, RBC statements, RDFFG letter

4. Old Business

  • A telescope workshop component will be added to the Astronomy Day activities.
  • Gil will fax the building ownership information to Gaming in the next few days
  • Wayne will be judging at the Science Fair and will award a one-year RASC membership to the student(s) with the best astronomy related project.
  • Maurice and Wayne will coordinate their efforts in fabricating a laser pointer mount.
  • In Bob’s job jar is the task of locating observatory related newspaper articles.
  • Bob and Wayne will rekindle their efforts to get the flip mirror mechanism working properly.
  • 8 adults and 15-20 children attended the March 2nd tour hosted by Gil.
  • Pro D day held on March 4th saw 2 adults and 2 kids in attendance. Robin was the host.
  • 1 adult and 4 teens showed up for a tour on March 8 hosted by Wayne and Brian.

5. New Business

  • Bob and Gil will troubleshoot the sticking dome problem. A motor driven chain and sprocket will most likely be the solution to the problem.
  • Robin and Brian met with Bonnie Chappel, the SD57 Curriculum Coordinator and forged a ‘partnership’ that will benefit both the PG Centre and SD57.
  • Maurice handed out some plans for using one of the storage rooms as a galley.
  • A Co-op student may want to use the observatory equipment and facilities for an astronomy related project. Further details will be forthcoming.

5. New Business (continued)

  • Gaming grant. After a great deal of discussion, the following proposals were approved for implementation. $8500 in funding is available. The main thrust of the spending will be towards education and public outreach.
  • Purchase a 12′ wall screen. Cost $1162.04
  • Purchase a Solar Scope. Cost $130.00
  • Purchase 2 – 4.5″ Orion StarBlast Dobsonian telescopes for member’s use and loaning out. Based on their usage, an additional 2 could be purchased. Cost for 2 telescopes $566.31
  • Print 600 promotional brochures. Cost $280.44
  • Purchase Moon and Constellation globes. Cost $87.78
  • Purchase a Mars globe. Cost $171.95
  • Purchase remote administration software (2 licenses). Cost US$70 (C$85)
  • The following 2 proposals are contingent on Gaming changing their criteria for spending based on the building ownership issue.
  • Pay/prepay the Gas, Phone, and Hydro utilities. Cost $2538.00
  • Classroom aesthetic and acoustic improvements. Cost $1370.32
  • Total expenditures $6391.84

Coming Events
March 12: Messier Marathon Potluck 5:00 pm Everyone welcome
March 16: P.G. Naturalists 7:30 pm Wayne
March 19: NOVA workshop 7:30 pm Brian
March 25: Spring Break Day 9:00 am – Noon Wayne – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Wayne – Cub tour 7:00 pm Wayne
March 30: General Meeting 7:30 pm Everyone welcome
April 1: ‘Y’ Day Care Tour 12:30 pm Brian
April 16: Astronomy Day 2:00 pm – ? Various members

Open House
March 4 Maurice
March 11 Gil
March 18 Brian
March 25 Wayne
April 1 Gil
April 8 Bob
April 15 Brian
April 22 Robin
April 29 Maurice

Member’s Night
March 5 Brian
March 12 Messier Marathon
March 19 Brian
March 26 Glen
April 2 Doug
April 9 Brian
April 16 Glen
April 23 Brian
April 30 Doug

Next general meeting:
Main Talk: Doug-pictures of Australia

Additional topic: Gil-Constellation of the Month

6. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn by: Glen
Seconded by: Brian

Adjourned at 10:30 p.m.